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On the Set of Forbitten 2

Forbitten Photos

Shayla LaVeauxA Forbitten Set

… the second course

The bulk of this coverage will appear on the more official “blog” portion of the site, but for whatever reason, D.Minion took a disproportionately large number of photographs on this second day of the shoot with people actually wearing clothes. … Hey, it happens. … Since we cannot put everything up in the tour that we have in the members’ area, we thought we’d fill you in on what you missed in part one of this DM’s on-the-set for Forbitten 2.

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August 2011 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


The best way to test the skills of a person trying to do a new job tends to be comparing the way they do the exact same thing as someone else has done. Like most philosophical principles, however, it tends to be difficult to test, since setting up the “exact” same task can be functionally impossible. Life simply has too many variables. Fortunately for us at some constants do exist, and we have people who have been around long enough to remember them. We’d never be so boring as to attempt a mere “Apples to Apples” analysis, however. Nope. We much prefer the “Cytherea to Cytherea” algorithm. We’re clever that way. [FEATURED TAGS: Cytherea, Missy Monroe, Jenna Presley, Angela Stone, Michael Ninn] 

Our Cytherea Algorithm

Occasionally in life you find yourself in a situation where your most sophisticated intellectual response follows generally along the lines of, “Huh. That’s odd. I wonder what in the world possessed them to do that.” … And then hopefully you do something worthwhile, like eat chocolate chocolate-chip ice cream or something. Today just might be one of those days, but when you have Shayla LaVeaux, Raquel Devine and various other miscellaneous pretty people to help you with your ruminations, you probably won’t mind very much. You will need to supply your own ice cream, however. We can only do so much. [FEATURED TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux, Raquel Devine, Katsuni, Miko Lee, Olivia Del Rio Video]

Various Things Upon Which to Ruminate

Be careful what you wish for. And while we’re on the topic of simple advice that people almost never listen to, you might be careful about the examples you’re setting for others in life. Dedicated (or perhaps more Devious) students might take advantage of an opening to provide some teaching of their own — which the teacher will almost certainly ignore, of course. Could it be that Lessons Learned are not in fact like Bridges Burned; or could it be that “learned” doesn’t really mean what we think it means? … It’s a good thing we don’t do philosophy for a living on risque. It’s hard. … Well, we do “do” hard, but that’s a different story. [FEATURED TAGS: Renee Perez Video, Sabrina Rose Video, Syren Sexton Exclusive Video,, Michael Ninn]

Revisiting Renee Perez

Well a warden didn’t throw a party in the county jail — at least not for anyone we know, which doesn’t say much because we don’t actually know anyone in the country jail — so we had to modify the song allusion to “Jailhouse Walk” for our purposes today. If Elvis had not died back in 1977 he would be 76 now, as all of those people remembering the anniversary of his death kept telling us this week. Of course we responded by pointing out that if Duke Albert of Austria hadn’t died on the same date, he’d be 653 today. None of that has anything whatsoever to do with Cytherea or Katja Kean, however, a fact that probably makes members feel a lot better about coming inside. [FEATURED TAGS: Katja Kean, Cytherea Video, Michael Ninn]

Katja Kean - Probably Worth Going to Jail For

One of the exceptional benefits of having an intelligent, insightful, and interested Membership base stems from the fact that it tends to keep poor, overworked, webmasters focused on task. Of course, should any web minions make an error, a zealous Member might jump upon the oversight, resulting in general feelings of sadness around the office. Over the years we have found a rapid and complete lapse into Denial to be quite a benefit in the recovery process — even if only in the psychological sense. In addition, a quick ratchet into righteous indignation can be helpful. In this case, alas, the intelligent, insightful, and interested Member might actually be correct, so after hours and hours of anguish and pointed despair, we arrived at a fitting Official Response: “Whoops. Dang.” … Honestly descending into proper angst really takes much more devotion and dedicated attention than we were willing to devote to the project. We have many naked women to document; we’re really busy. [FEATURED TAGS: Athena Angel, Shayla LaVeaux Video] 

The Answer is Blowing in the “Win”

Every once in awhile, no matter how long you’ve been doing something professionally, you can still be surprised — at least if you have fun doing what you do for a living. Differently in this job, most likely, you can accidentally run across a beautiful woman masturbating and it doesn’t result in some mandatory report to Human Resources (a title which takes on an entirely different connotation when you put it in terms of masturbation, actually). Should Aurora Snow be such a woman you might be inclined to comment upon how many people in the country would welcome a little “snow” in their lives right about now. But that wouldn’t be necessary, really. “Beautiful Woman Masturbating” pretty much gets people’s attention without much elaboration. [FEATURED TAGS: Aurora Snow Video, Michael Ninn]

Aurora Snow - Cool, right?

The intricate process of becoming a beautiful model — with professional-level skills — took Anais, well, maybe five or six seconds as it turned out. Some people just seem to be born for the camera. And wouldn’t you know it, we just seem to always have a collection of cameras with us. Ain’t serendipity cool? … Now since this complete (this time) collection of “first time as a professional on camera” photos happened to take place in a fancy bathroom, and since we’re set to the task of reminding everyone to check because Shayla does some bizarre stuff over there, well, this all seemed perfect. Truth be told, though, we honestly can’t remember when an excuse to see Anais (and Shayla) naked came up that didn’t seem perfect. Odd. … [FEATURED TAGS: Anais, Shayla LaVeaux Video]

Still Not Missing the Milk

Chaos surrounds us! France has turned out not to be that reliable of an ally, and people have suddenly realized that the stock market may not be something that we should just play around with on a daily basis. Gosh, who knew? To provide a calming influence, we’re doing a bit of “Dee Constructing” today, providing pithy economic lessons, critical utopian philosophy, and beautiful naked women. Seriously, where can you find a better combination — even on the big ol’ World Wide Web? [FEATURED TAGS: Dee, Inari Vachs, Alektra Blue Video, Jessica Drake Video, Kirsten Price Video, Kaylani Lei Video, Mikayla Mendez Video]

Dee Constructing - Well

Did you happen to know that a flibbertigibbet refers to what you might more easily recognize as an “airhead” if you tried to have a conversation with one? Now the fact that we’re ruminating upon the vast array of adjectives that have evolved throughout civilization simply to describe stupid people should not worry you at this point. You can just ignore us as usual, and get to the more centered reality of our typical discourse, that being life in the adult movie business. … Yep. Not a flibbertigibbet around here anywhere. We’re a very serious lot. What does “serious” mean again? [FEATURED TAGS: Cytherea, Cassidey, Anna Joy, The Four Trailer Video, Michael Ninn]

Interesting Office Position

Kristal called in the other day, very excited about a series of “Wrestling Videos” she’s set to do with our old friend Tanya Danielle. Rather than correct Dear Ms. Summers by pointing out that “video” would probably not be the technically correct term anymore, D.Minion immediately recalled that she had a photo set of Kristal and Tanya from way back, ironically at another time in her life when our Dear Kristal Summers fell into the Eager Beaver category. Granted we probably didn’t correct Kristal because many of us here still use the term “video” to describe a shoot, but it could have been the thought of soon getting to see Kristal and Tanya naked again. That can be very distracting all on its own you know. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Tanya Danielle, Lola, Jade Marcella]

They DO Look Eager, Right?

January 2010 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


Ah, but we love these “Performer of the Year” posts. OK. So we love them even more when we happened – some months ago – to suggest to Mr. Ninn that should his new company really wish to lock up at least one contract player, this woman would be an extraordinary choice. Well, Michael did not in fact sign Tori Black, and ironically her continuing freelance status undoubtedly led to her ability to work enough to capture her lofty title. Still, it seemed like a dandy turn to the more traditional around here if we’d pause our “Seen Behind the Scene” on the industry and just provide some video evidencing that occasionally even AVN gets it right. [FEATURED TAGS: Tori Black Video, Michael Ninn]

Tori Black. Can you hear all the ships launching?

Highlighting our dedication to really funny t-shirts, we thought we’d share our favorite entry at the Adult Entertainment Expo this year. It read: I got a dog for my wife, and it was the best trade I ever made. … So it’s not exactly Shakespeare, but it does contain a charming pithiness, don’t you think? Well, speaking of endearing pith (and not Shakespeare), we’re continuing our bizarre (even for us) approach to the AEE coverage with D.Minion’s Behind the Scenes look at the filming of those silly and highly entertaining “Intermission Skits” – which AVN uses at the Awards Show while important and necessary things are happening back stage. Rumor has it that Uncle Gibby has video footage from the audience, he having somehow snaked a “VIP All Access” pass to the event, but we’ve seen nothing official confirming that. We’ll keep an eye out, though, even as we’re off to the store to buy a Snuggie. Then we plan on seeing if we can get Monique Alexander to get into it with … basically anyone in the office she chooses. We’re all pretty much on the same page as far as that goes. [FEATURED TAGS: Sunny Leone, Riley Steele, McKenzie Lee, Kayden Kross, Ashlynn Brooke, Belladonna, Alexis Texas, Monique Alexander, Stormy Daniels, Georgia Jones, Faye Reagan, Ron Jeremy]

Evan Stone with Kayden Kross's Penis Purse. Honestly.

As it turns out, the higher the quality of the assets you’re dealing with, the better your equipment needs to be in order to handle it. … Hmm. That’s sort of like dating porn stars if you think about it. … Well, much to his current (and ongoing) dismay, Maverick doesn’t happen to be dating any porn stars at the present, but he does get invited to their parties often. Since he couldn’t handle the low-light video with his system in London, he did have to wait to come to the home office in sunny Southern Cal in order to ready the clip for posting, however. Consequently, the “Christmas Party” reference might seem a bit “dated” (as it were). On the other hand, the concept of beautiful women drinking and getting naked on a dance floor does seem to be one that transcends seasonal interest. We’re fine with it. [FEATURED TAGS:, Cate Harrington Video, Katie K Video, Faye Rampton, Saucy Sally, Tanya Cox, Sarah Kelly, Michelle Moist, Tracey Lain, Exclusive Video]

A Similarity in US and European Fashion

Now we’ve done a lot of fairly bizarre things on the web over the years, but as far as we know today will constitute the first time that we’ve ever posted what boils down to an open email correspondence to the dozen or so aspiring Porn Starlets we talked to at the convention a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps this approach will turn out to be a little less insulting than getting what would have to amount to a glorified form letter (without all that much glory, truth be told), or perhaps the comely lasses may still take offense. We can say for certain, however, that the Members continue to get industry insights that you just can’t find anywhere else. … Of course they’ll have to decide for themselves whether or not this constitutes a good thing. [FEATURED TAGS: Georgia Adair]

Georgia Adair Licking a Potential Problem

Have you ever noticed that the fancier and more sophisticated you get in your work, the longer it takes to accomplish it? Maybe we just get pickier as we get older; that could be it. Whatever the cause, we’ve come up with yet another technical advancement around here, put in place via the newsworthy Expo we just left. It’s darned impressive, if we do say so ourselves. (And honestly, sometimes in life you need to say so yourselves.) These days people get bombarded with a sheer volume of information via the Internet to such an extent that nice people like us need to help. We live to serve you know. [FEATURED TAGS: Adult Entertainment Expo, Exclusive Video]

Face it: Sometimes Size Matters

You’ve probably heard this a lot of times over the years in various contexts: We’re BAAAACK. Now you’ve probably not heard it all that often when you happen to be talking about a group of rapidly aging journalists attending a big honking porn convention, but life has curious turns, so maybe you have. That said, if you’ve been a Member here for very long you understand how hanging around with young, beautiful, people who happen to make their living having sex on camera can provide a youthful influence to any life. Let’s look into that, shall we? [FEATURED TAGS: Adult Entertainment Expo, Devinn Lane, Miko Lee]

Sheening is Believing

True to our occasional form we take awhile to get around the point today, so you might think about just clicking that handy-dandy video icon at the top of the page, thus skipping all the rationale (and metaphysical aspirations) that basically come down to today’s system being an excellent way to torment those we love. Uncle Gibby’s moving into a new phase of the “Commune Risqué” this month, so we’re Suitably Celebrating with Anais and Dee. Hey, if anyone can think of a better way to celebrate than that, please let us know. [FEATURED TAGS: Julia Ann, Dee Video, Anais Video, Michael Ninn]

Anais Looking Better Than Ever

Generally when we create this “New Stuff” part of the current site entry, we decorate it (while providing a handy visual link to the story) with a thumbnail graphic culled from the story itself. It’s quick. It’s easy, and it makes sense. Occasionally, though, we do weird things around here, and whatever’s on tap for the day doesn’t actually have a quick and ready graphic for us to multitask here. That happened on December 7th, but little did we know that this one puny image would actually spawn emails full of curiosity. Well, we decided to answer that question, and pose a few more. Even though we’ve all embarked on a New Year, some things really don’t change all that much. [FEATURED TAGS: Charlie Laine Video, Michael Ninn]

Charlie Laine, a Bit More Laid Out

The date pretty much says it all here, right? Sadly this could describe way too many dates you’ve had in your life as well, a topic we’ve promised to avoid in the Commune Team Risqué Resolution this year. Putting decade upon decade of experience together we’ve come up with a fail-safe New Year’s Resolution System, and if you want to borrow it, feel free: Aim Low! Disappointment can be really depressing, so we’ve found it best to avoid it as much as possible. For example, we all Resolve to continue to adore Krispy Kremes this year. … See? You can do this. … We also have other Resolutions that involve many, many naked women, but you’ll have to hang around a bit to figure some of those out – the resolutions, not the women. (You can’t figure women out. Decade upon decade of experience has taught us this too.) [FEATURED TAGS: Happy New Year!]

Keep Your Heart On All Year