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For we mere mortals, though, we now have an excellent place to simply drop by and get some — let’s call it inspiration. The latest Mr. Ninn offering now collates all of the top 25 sites in the genre and puts them in one location for people to peruse. Naturally the goal remains to encourage you to actually join a few of these full sites. (Consider yourself thus encouraged.) But the way that Michael and the coding team set this up truly deserves some notice. As constructed, some element in the site automatically updates, essentially every four minutes — literally.

We haven’t seen every site on the web. We haven’t even seen every adult site on the web. We have, however, seen a whole lot of them, and we’ve never seen anything like this. Gee. Where have we heard that about Michael Ninn before?

[Although I feel perfectly comfortable, and actually rather enjoy, commenting on the various “stories” in the risqué library, as a rule I try not to editorialize too much on the more purely “editorial” posts around here. That said, the “full size” image at the top stirred me to actually break my own rule. … Sometimes it’s good to have a very understanding boss. Me.

If you look at the image at the top of this page, you might notice a little watermark logo in the top left that Michael designed for his new venture. When I saw it in Michael’s office I knew his new site was “something Girls” and so I asked, “Is the new URL”

Michael said, “No. It’s,” which obviously looks nothing like the (admittedly stylish) logo he created.

Now back when we first “officially” started helping Michael with Ninn Worx, I had also walked into Mr. Ninn’s office when he was putting together the design for a box cover. He’d chosen a rather elaborate font to use, and then distorted even that by a significant degree. “Um,” I began, typically afraid of just where this conversation might lead, “I can’t read the title of the movie.”

Even More Risque:  The Perils of Paulines in Porn

“Well,” Michael calmly explained, “I was going more for the look of the thing.”


So there you have it: Life through the Eyes of the Artist.

Jenna Haze for Michael Ninn aka IMNINNNow if you click on the thumbnail here, you can see a much larger rendition of the current top graphic on the site, and at least you can tell from an image this size that “IGirls” fits in there somehow. True, it does at least say “Portal” legibly, but he’s still managed to mask the whole “I” part of the deal, and the backwards “G” still confuses me. Presumably, those sorts of pesky details just get in the way of sophisticated artistic expression, and we more business-oriented folks just don’t get it. … Obviously. … ]

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Michael’s IGirls
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Michael’s IGirls
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