But Morgan Reigns not Pictured

Morgan Reigns and 10 Fascinating Facts

If the Shoe Fits...More Subjugated Than Sublime

by Whunk & Strite

There were some pictures that did not fit with the obviously joyful at her career choices — at least at the time of filming — Morgan Reigns. And reign she did. Does. Continues to do. … Whatever.

Rather than try to come up with a new way to say simply “so we are putting them on Risqué before sending you off to see the video on ReelRisque” we decided to do a random Top Ten list of interest to the Risqué Team. Most of these we researched on the Internet, so they must be true — because they were on the Internet.

We will also include the happy photos of Morgan and Barry in essentially an also random, but ever-so-illustrative, fashion. [OK. So you will actually get to see a tiny amount of the Morgan Reigns and Barry Scott “enterprise” when it gets up on ReelRisque.com, but they got … um … adult, very quickly, so we did not have enough photos to share over here on the mother site. Instead we dropped in a few quite young-eyes friendly photos from a place you should definitely visit when you visit Las Vegas next. Should you have family with you, for example, you should probably not bring all of them to the Adult Entertainment Expo, but museums are great fun for everyone. We suggest the GUIDED TOUR.]

morgan reigns diversionmorgan reigns diversion

These introductory photos happen to serve as an excellent segue into many an explanation in our lives, although they could apply to some of the items in our list today as well: There could have been alcohol involved. [Obviously we changed the introductory photos, but these two fit rather well also. There still could have been alcohol involved.]

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