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Lily Labeau | Sybian Sensitivities

Lily LabeauGood Gig

by Nobody Special

To be quite Frank — or, y’know, Ted, or George, or Janet, or any other name for someone interested in cavorting carnally with a female — people can spend a great deal of time simply trying to figure out how to get a willing woman naked and orgasming in their home.

Now far be it from us to wax poetic about the many tactics this simple endeavor may utilize, but we will say that dropping a couple thousand dollars on an admittedly very high-end sex toy and a rudimentary camera may just do the trick. Long-time members will know of Risque’s deep affection for the Sybian, and will have seen clear evidence of this passion over the years — and, well, just a couple of weeks ago in Risqué TOC. If you try to forget about that, though, and just watch this setup merely for how it evolves, you may appreciate the cleverness of simplicity.

In this case the risqué video people did put a rather heavy retro-grunge look on the presentation, perhaps mostly because clearly the expense of the Sybian and the camera did not leave any room in the budget for set decoration. Of course, every time we think about poor production value, we cannot help but recall the famous Alex de Renzy quote given to our leader in his much younger days: “If they’re looking at my furniture, I’m not doing my job.”

So furniture and editing acumen aside, we do believe you will rather enjoy Lily Labeau on this, well, ride. You cannot help but be drawn in by her appreciation of her own sexuality. Truth be told, some of us in this office still wonder why Lily never took over this business. With more nominations than some performers have scenes, somehow Lily has always seemed relegated to second place in the wildly subjective competitions. It takes all kinds to make a world, we suppose. For the record, though, adult movie critics are — we believe the technical term to be wackadoodle — although perhaps we should give them a slight break as doing nothing but watching sex all day long, every day, has got to be murder on your psyche.

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You can therefore enjoy with or without our (also subjective) observations. Even if you ultimately decide not to relocate yourself, you do have to admire the cleverness of the producer here. Well, you have to admire him if you can tear yourself away from admiring a freshly 18 Lily Labeau, we mean.

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