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Our Annual Trip Down Chasey Lain

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The final two shots I’m fairly certain come from the box cover shoot for Chasey’s second movie for Wicked called Wicked As She Seems. Back in those days you couldn’t just look on the back of your camera to check exposure right after you took the picture. Professionals had a separate Polaroid unit that would allow them to set the aperture and shutter speed to match their film camera, and that’s how they evaluated a setup before actually shooting. With that in mind, take a look at those last two shots pretty carefully. There had to be at least a few seconds, and maybe a couple of minutes, between the two exposures, but look at how consistent Chasey’s pose was. Actually, I will make that a bit easier to do, so LOOK HERE. Chasey was a natural from the time she got off the plane, y’all.

I actually remember a company owner asking me to describe Chasey Lain to him one day. She was fairly new to the industry, and being with Wicked (a then very small company), not many people heading up other manufacturers had met her. Without really thinking much about it, I said, “She’s young, beautiful, and she’s never had to be anything else.”

Now I only remember that story so well because for the next ten years that same company owner kept asking me if I’d met any other young prospective stars that fell into that same category — to which I kept answering in the negative, by the way. Eventually I came to understand the rareness of the trait. A couple of weeks before she left for Nevada, Chasey and I had lunch, and honestly I saw the woman that first moved into the house in Northridge with us for the first time in more than a decade.

risque imageWe should probably move you along to the more traditional of our industry “coverage” methods and D.Minion now, but I will tell you this little bit of knowledge I picked up from that meal: If you happen to be one of those very trusting people, and you wear your heart on your sleeve, you really should probably avoid narcotics as a hobby. I did want to include one more little “bonus” here, courtesy of Suze Randall at suze.net, though. You can see other photos from this set over there, but I grabbed this one for us to point something out. Back when she started, the “severe” way that Chasey trimmed her pubic hair caused quite a stir. None of the magazine or movie experts could believe that anyone would ever want to see such a “naked” pussy. … And she has hairy arms too. … Ain’t life funny sometimes?

While you’re busy being amused at life next time, take the opportunity to broaden your mind a bit, perhaps. Although both prostitutes and porn stars tend to look down on the other profession, if you boil them down a bit, to some extent the difference may be mostly a camera and a film crew — and of course how famous, or infamous, one wants to be as a result of the activity.

NOW we can move on to D.Minion…

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