Obsequious Adult Behavior

Highs & Lows in Wandering the AEE 2014

Starring Shayla LaVeaux & Uncle Gibby’s Head

We find a point of explanation in order before sending you off to observe today’s video clips. To be perhaps slightly irreverent as it concerns the porn deities, we will admit that after 20 years of covering an event, it can begin to seem a little stale. Sure the women change every year, but particularly since the economy passed purgatory on its way to wherever it actually bottomed out, the Adult Entertainment Expo has become less “extravaganza” and a lot more “trade show” in its orientation. No longer will you see companies pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into spectacular displays meant more to show off to each other rather than actually sell more product to the fan attendees.

Crash the demand end of an economic equation, and those supply decisions become a lot more significant. For an industry used to surviving with a never-ending supply of Sharpies, owners suddenly had to start sharpening actual pencils. Showing off publicly to the competition morphed into the time-honored American tradition of showing off privately to the competition — with cars driven and vacations taken.

So there you have it — the sum-total of industry coverage necessary for at least the better part of the past decade. Throw in the newest selection of scantily-clad attention-seekers, and what else can you do? Well, around here we live by simple mottos, one of which happens to be: If you don’t know for sure what to do, throw some new equipment at the problem. Enter the GoPro — an itty-bitty video camera controlled by a smart phone app, the way all true Geeks celebrate.

Shayla Perspectives on The Obsequious

Now wandering through the hordes — “The Great Unwashed” as D.Minion affectionately refers to them — can be a daunting experience, particularly should you be of slight stature, like Shayla LaVeaux, for example. On the other hand, should you be a giant of a person, not only do the pressing masses not affect you, but it becomes remarkably easy to find you across a crowded room. We love Uncle Gibby, who happens to be one of these more rare giant-type people, and being dear friends, naturally we wanted to abuse him by making him look as ridiculous as possible while wandering around in public. Being the dedicated young man he happens to be, Gibby approved of the experiment.

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