Risque Commune Throes in the Towel

Risqué Commune Throes in the Towel

Certainly a great many little details surrounded each of those events, but that pretty much represents the gist of what the typical fan thinks. It turns out that the star of a show actually matters, and not just any performer can do a good job hosting a television show. Those of you that have been Risqué Commune Members for some time may remember that Playboy TV, at the height of the Bunny’s Dominion Over All Things Naked, learned that lesson with a person very dear to us around here. As it turns out, not just anyone can be Juli Ashton. Who knew?

Here we are ten years after the spectacular crash, though, and Trading Spaces returns tonight on TLC with — would you believe it — the original cast back in place, with Paige at the forefront.

Abby Cross and Alessandra Noir

More to our ReelRisque point, which we honestly do try to remember, despite how it may seem at times, we should point out that we have no idea if the Trading Spaces cast members all plan a group shower before taking to the air, but we can assure you that the clip today would come across very differently were the performers not Abby Cross and Alessandra Noir. Perfect casting goes a long way toward success in entertainment, perhaps never more so than in lesbian scenes — and of course obviously home improvement shows.

By the way, in case the question occurs to you, we will answer with an emphatic, “Honestly, no.” We have absolutely no idea why the director had the young women leave the shower, wrap towels around themselves, then move over to the bed, just so that they could take the towels off again. Despite its critical importance, good casting can only go so far. Admittedly, though, we might be among the few people that noticed that little detail. You know what happens when naked breasts come onto the screen…. On the upside, the decision did at least give us a couple pictures we could use in the free area (that would probably still get Paige fired again, sadly enough).

In honor of all the folks out there with a few life experiences stacked up in their barns, we leave you with the following thoughts, pertaining to television stars as well as many of the much more modestly successful around us: Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. … You young folks ask some old folks. They’ll explain that to you. And should you really want a Trading Spaces primer — after you’re done showering with Abby and Alessandra, and all — we offer you THIS.

We’re a fairly eclectic group over at the Risqué Commune. We even like things not about naked people. Imagine.


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