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Romance Sing Samantha

Naturally, we might need to redefine Romance — with a capital “R” don’t you know — but we can do that. We reinvent things and completely change interpretation of words all the time. If you don’t believe that, just turn on any CNN coverage of the White House since Donald Trump became President, and you’ll get it. This seems like progress we can manage.

Still, being a male, I could still have that biological imperative to screw things up.

Being the naturally (and dangerously) curious to a fault sort of person I am, I actually set about tracking down other Millennials with whom I have a close enough relationship to feel comfortable talking about relatively intimate matters. Granted, I hardly qualify as shy, so if I met you before — well, yesterday — I probably feel just fine asking your opinion about most anything. So there’s that. … At any rate, when questioned about the modern relationship between romance and sex the general consensus basically came down to a belief that they are completely different, and totally unrelated, things. (Insert GASP here. I did.)

At the risk of beginning to truly sound like our parents, we will say this to all the “sex positive” younger women and men out there: If you think sex and romance are completely different things, you’re not doing either one of them correctly. And you have no idea what you’re missing.

[So in the members’ area we have a captivating photo of a naked Samantha Ryan playing the piano while an equally nude Marlie Moore looks on. Obviously we cannot show that out here, so you will simply have to imagine it. … That will heighten the romance anyway.]


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