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As we tried to explain that in ancient times — like 20 or 30 years ago — there actually was a perhaps unspoken, but absolutely true, belief that women were not supposed to admit to liking sex. Consequently, the whole “ask first” mentality would have failed before it started because upon hearing the question spoken out loud, any “self-respecting” female would have necessarily needed to decline the offer. Thus sprung the Romance Dance — and all sorts of rounding the bases baseball analogies describing levels of sexual progression. We could not talk about as much, so we quite simply never developed an ability to do so. Sadly, the line between societally-imposed coyness and the unwavering belief that “she wanted it” became so thin as to be invisible.

The Romance Revolution

We will leave to those with much fancier advanced education degrees the question of whether that conquering gene, or a dominance of testosterone, may have led to the ultimate demise of the situation. As with all things in the history of everything, however, it seems safe to note that idiot men completely lost the inherent subtlety in the situation and managed to botch the entire thing rather completely as it turns out. The whole “supposed to say ‘no’” bit became in the male blood-deprived brains always means to say yes. Whether or not simple morons can form the requisite intent to commit sexual assault based on standards half a century old remains another question for those more learned.

Seriously, this all seems like progress to even the elders here. If we just admit that women enjoy, desire — and yes, even seek — sex sometimes, life would get a lot less complicated. Sometimes, though, does not equal always. Even idiot men ought to be able to see that line.

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