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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


Somehow it seems fitting that one of our more colorful members can tie in a very human experience, wisdom from Juli Ashton, and a new way to look at Michael Ninn. One thing about Brother John, he’s not the type of person about whom people have no opinion. Basically, that pretty much sums up our life philosophy around here. My favorite uncle used to wear a baseball cap that said, “Let’s do something, even if it’s wrong.” After all, what if you died, and nobody noticed? That would suck … which will explain our photo selection, by the way. (This assuming you read and not just look at the 160 pictures. Right?) [FEATURED TAGS: Gauge, Taylor Rain, Aurora Snow, Jassie, Cytherea, Lauren Phoenix, Teagan, Taylor Anne, Danni Woodward, Haley, Holly Hollywood, Charmane Star, Loni, Kimberly Kane, Ann Harlow, Alicia Rhodes, August, Faith Lamour, Red Heaven, Kitty, Michael Ninn]

Jassie, from Ninn Worx' Pop 2: The Girls of Innocence. If only Jassie did this at our house.

With today’s Ninn Worx Weekend, you can learn about inappropriate actions for contract girls, or you can just enjoy the 162-picture DVD Gallery from The Edge, courtesy of our good buddy Michael Ninn. Basically those are your two choices, but at least they’re two good ones. [FEATURED TAGS: Shy Love, Sarah Blake, Monica, Nina Bonet, Michael Ninn]

Shy Love ... oddly not shy about it at all.

We’re going for the 2004 L.A. Erotica Story in Pictures approach this time around, as this thumbnail can attest. Sometimes, you can say a lot with a picture. Also, if you’re good with math, you’ll quickly figure out that we have 237,000 words worth of pictures (not counting the by now obligatory strange mpegs). Wow! That’s almost as long as a Maverick story. [FEATURED TAGS: Erotica LA, Anais, Georgia Adair, Dee, Nina Hartley, Juli Ashton, Tiffany Granath, Aria Giovanni, Angel Cassidy, Kylie Ireland, Monique Alexander, Cytherea, Justine Joli, Jessica Drake, Julia Ann, Shayla LaVeaux, Shelby Stevens, Stacy Valentine, Sharon Mitchell, Lola, Gauge, Brittany Andrews, Katie Morgan, Rayveness, Taylor Wane, Exclusive Video, D.Minion]

Not pictured: Georgia, Dee, Anais, Angel, Julia Ann, Lola and a whole bunch of other people, including Harry.

Well, Georgia and Anais have headed off to their distant homes, as have interns Mr. Lon and Mr. Maverick. Consequently, we’re taking it out on you by posting Mav’s account covering Day Two of Becoming Georgia Adair: Self Portrait. We feel just awful about it, we really do, but think of this final installment like going to the dentist: No one really likes it, but you have to do it some time … (Besides, it’s easier to make fun of people when they’re up at 35,000 feet flying 500 mph away from you. We’re also very practical …) [FEATURED TAGS: Georgia Adair, Sharon Wild, Michael Ninn, Maverick]

Georgia filming felatio for fun and profit ...
Georgia's Web Site

Wendy’s lingerie items have been earning some note lately, which makes a great deal of sense when you look at them. But as much as we like looking at pictures of Wendy in lingerie, it still doesn’t compare to actually seeing Wendy in person. Sadly, we’re not able to do that for this round of LA Erotica, but while the gang’s all roaming the room, compiling God knows what all, those of us not actually attending this year decided to remind everyone what a visually compelling couple Wendy Divine and Eric Masterson make. We found a D.Minion story validating the theory, and we found 75 pictures to go along with it. If you can’t go to the convention, this makes for a nice way to forget your misery. The Los Angeles Convention Center is big, but it’s not that big. Not everyone can attend, so we figure we’ll have lots of company in our misery. We love that. [FEATURED TAGS: Wendy Divine, Julie Robbins, D.Minion]

Wendy Divine. Sittin' on the dock, as she may.

I’ve been using “computers” since we stored data on cassette tapes. I remember when we thought a Ten Megabyte hard drive was just ridiculous. No one could ever use that much storage space. The “new” 3-1/4” floppies were almost as good as sliced bread. I know something about computers. But D.Minion can do things with electonics that baffle even folks a lot smarter than I am. She gets error messages that I’m pretty sure Microsoft just put in as a joke — knowing no one would really ever do what it would take to get that message. Why is this important? Because in today’s Night Calls Report, D.Minion has done some truly amazing things with her digital camera, although she claims she has no idea how. It doesn’t really matter, because Juli Ashton and Tiffany Granath (and guests) look good, no matter how you look at them. Life’s not fair, you know … [FEATURED TAGS: Night Calls, Juli Ashton, Tiffany Granath, D.Minion]

Juli Ashton: Dancin' from Jamaica ...

Those of you that have been looking for more Porno Manager Lessons, you’ll be quite happy today. Those of you that couldn’t care less, but really like interesting (read: naked …) pictures of beautiful people “performing” beautifully on porn sets, will also find today’s look at Harley Davis worthwhile. And those of you that just love D.Minion no matter what she titles a story can look forward to this post as well. If you don’t fall into any of those categories, you should go back to bed. You’re having a bad day. [FEATURED TAGS:  Harley Davis, D.Minion]

Typical porn set “romance” ...

Becoming somewhat typical in her fashion, today D.Minion shows us a couple of completely unexplained photographs of cars in a parking lot, and one of what looks like an old hand-lettered piece of paper taped to an aging stainless steel wall. The other 67 pictures, however, are of Anais, Mia Smiles, and new Hungarian hunk Mario having a fine time completing Day Two of Inside Myself. All in all, then, it might be worth popping in and seeing what was up. By the way, we’re trying to get Anais to wear this outfit to the next Members’ Party in September …  [FEATURED TAGS: Anais Video, Mia Smiles, Elizabeth, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn, D.Minion]

Anais, certainly none the worse for this wear.

We added the nifty Georgia Adair technology, and now you can see a slide show replay of Kristal’s Cam Show from Monday. If you have a good connection, you can really see it well, in fact. We love both technology and Kristal … and, of course, Dee … (who dropped in for a quick “byte” — as it were).  [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Dee, Exclusive Video]

Kristal Summers' new thumbnail for Mav.

Have you ever been just beside yourself with anticipation? Well, in actuality that probably has very little to do with Inside Myself, which happens to be Anais’ next movie, just out from Ninn Worx. Still, probably some people really looked forward to it, and so we’ll stick with the intro. D.Minion was on her mark with the pictures this time around, although having Anais, Dee, Isabella, and Nikita Denise as subject matter probably didn’t hurt anything. In case you’re wondering, there are also dogs eating eggs, old mechanical equipment, motorcycles, wonderful architecture, and school-girl outfits. D.Minion died and went to Heaven. She made it back, though, and now we have the story of Day One. [FEATURED TAGS: Anais, Dee Video, Isabella Video, Nikita Denise, Exclusive Video, Michael Ninn, D.Minion]

Anais and her lap of luxury.

You ever notice how things seem to go around in cycles? Here we hadn’t seen Lola in about a year, and then she shows up on Night Calls. And now, coincidentally, she reappears, this time playing with Kristal in D.Minion’s account of Not Another Porn Movie. Well, there will be a lot of Kristal today, but that’s OK. We do feel sorry for Maverick, however, as there are many, many pictures from which he will have to choose his new Message Board Icon. Come to think of it, maybe that serves him right.

Kristal Summers, thinking about Lola, not Maverick. Sorry, dude.

Every time we try to get “official” with our handling of the web site by programming some functions to operate automatically, we get something wrong. We end up spending a lot of time and money, and then a stupid period or space or something is in the wrong place, and everything grinds to a halt. Consequently, many of you probably didn’t see the June 1st post (below), which was supposed to work in the fancy way, but everyone seems to have seen the June 2nd post — which we did the old fashioned way. Rather than dwell on our stupidity, however, we’ve decided to just ignore it and concentrate on Day Two of Angel Cassidy’s Sex, Money, Power shoot, which has not only a bit of Anais again, but also a whole bunch of Dee. There’s nothing like a whole bunch of Dee to make you feel better, we always say. [FEATURED TAGS: Dee, Anais, Angel Cassidy, Michael Ninn, D.Minion]

Dee clutching Anais. That happens a lot.
Angel Cassidy

We’re back on our less stupid path now, or at least on the less publicly stupid one. Before Night Calls actually airs tonight, we have the story of the last Night Calls on May 19, 2004 for you to check out. You don’t have a lot of time, so we’ll let you get right to it. D.Minion will be so proud …  [FEATURED TAGS: Night Calls, Juli Ashton, Tiffany Granath, Arianna Jolie, D.Minion, Risque News Insight]

Tiffany Granath, awaiting Juli Ashton, we're sure. She always waits like this.

Should you wish, “Note the double-dong by the statue of the cherub.” Consider also, “This made Angel so happy that she began spanking her adoring slave.” … These are a couple of the more typical lines from D.Minion’s account of Day One of Angel Cassidy’s Sex, Money, Power shoot. We also get to see a bit of Anais, and learn some more about Michael Ninn and his shoe fetish. Finally, we learn how “Moose and Squirrel” fit into porn. Just another day at the office … [FEATURED TAGS: Angel Cassidy, Nikita Denise, Isabella, Anais, Michael Ninn, D.Minion]

Nikita Denise ... 'splainin' some stuff ...