May 2008 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


We love summer time around here. It brings wonderful experiences each and every year. … Long days and warm evenings. Homemade ice cream. Picnics. Vacations, short and long. The return of the annual curiosity about how in the world a company ever managed to bring “Lawn Darts” to the market. … And maybe even boating, baseball, or perhaps volleyball. … For us, it always brings a treat superior even to all of these: INTERNS! … And interns are not only thrilled to be here, but they just love searching and organizing archives in the “Content Closet” that seems always a bit overflowing around the office. … And then they find stuff. … And occasionally they find a little lesbian art with Keri Windsor and Ava Vincent and a few videos documenting a – call it solo reflection – by Wendy Divine. … And what an appropriate name for this time of year, right? Slurpees for everyone!  [FEATURED TAGS: Keri Windsor, Ava Vincent, Wendy Divine Video, Exclusive Video]

Ava and her Keri Windsor picnic.

You may have noticed that on rare (sort of) occasions we just can’t seem to keep ourselves from interjecting editorial comment (or caveats) into a particular situation. Well, as we sometimes do, we thought we’d take a very brief moment and offer Dear Maverick some things upon which he may wish to ruminate. … OK. Well if you want to be technical about it we’ve never actually done this before, but we might do it again, so we’re still going with “sometimes” here. We do what we have to, after all. Or else we do what seems fun. We forget. [FEATURED TAGS: Renee Perez, Exclusive Video, Maverick]

Renee Perez for the Coupon Clippers. We can't make this stuff up.

Oh, dear. Maverick seems to be ramping up his enthusiasm for his next trip over the Atlantic, and so he’s suddenly wrapped up his coverage of his last trip over the Atlantic. Consequently we have a whole bunch of AEE pictures, including some visual evidence that porn stars don’t always precisely follow the “rules” of a venue exactly. Don’t you just love independent women?  [FEATURED TAGS: 247AdultStars, Adult Entertainment Expo, Daisy Marie, Nautica Thorn, Tera Wray, Calian Curtis, Jana Jordan, Renee Perez, Carmen Luvana, Lexi Love, Exclusive Video]

One of the many pretty parts of Daisy Marie.

If you want to know the truth, we’re sure we saw a Pussy Kat. Comic references aside (although that’s admittedly a little tough for us most of the time), in the process of this D.Minion Interaction, we also see Katsumi (now “Katsuni” because of some stupid law suit), Mia Smiles, Penny Flame, Monica Sweetheart, and Trinity – whom we think all still get to use their own names. Although we will also admit that we should probably care a lot more than we do, it turns out that when we see beautiful naked women performing for us, we don’t often think of their names first. We’ll work on it by continuing to look at beautiful naked women and trying to remember what we’re doing wrong. [FEATURED TAGS: Katsumi, Mia Smiles Video, Penny Flame, Monica Sweetheart, Trinity, Michael Ninn, Exclusive Video, D.Minion]

A truly excellent picture of Mia Smiles that you'll have to see bigger to appreciate. It's number 121, by the way.

You’ve probably heard that a little knowledge can be a very dangerous thing. Well, we don’t want to cast aspersions on someone who has to live in perpetual gloom, eat sausages full of blood, and thinks coffee is really tea (well, we might want to), but Maverick has been learning about video compression for the web. Consequently, suddenly he’s now got all kind of formats over there at 247AdultStars. Now you need to realize that he has the benefit of being able to share with us the first legitimate shower adventures of the delectable Cate Harrington, who apparently had a soiled “personal toy” because she decided it needed a shower too. Probably Mav just likes practicing with her clips a lot. We’ll tell him we understand … and to at least not eat that sausage. Bleh! [FEATURED TAGS: 247AdultStars, Cate Harrington Video, Exclusive Video]

Cate Harrington ... Loaded for “Bare” ...

It’s a Double-Feature Day in D.Minion land as she lays out another new KSEX story as well as a new “Spice TV’s The Nooner” story. Now, true, both of these formerly dandy ventures have now deceased, but they remain near and dear to our hearts – particularly the parts where Dee’s naked. Unlike the concept of “Double Features” Dee being naked never goes out of style. [FEATURED TAGS: KSEX Radio, Dee, D.Minion]

Dee getting ready for her “Nooner” ... and not a soul complained.

Well we’ve been doing a bunch of boring code stuff that most of you well never even notice, but it does tend to make the site function better, and so that’s good. You need to do these things every once in a while. It’s not sexy, but it’s true. For his part, Maverick has been busy shooting much more along the sexy lines, as we introduce a little more of Cate Harrington today … honestly just because she’s a lot more interesting than Big Ben, if you want to know the truth. We have more of Mav’s discovery on the horizon too, but it’s never too soon to start with pretty women – that’s our philosophy around here as you’ve probably figured out.  [FEATURED TAGS: Cate Harrington, Maverick]

Cate Harrington ... and the view gets better.

It’s “Cinco De Mayo” which technically means “the fifth of May” but apparently it’s a reason to celebrate. Now according to D.Minion it’s sort of a Mexican Independence Day, “but it really isn’t” … and that just goes to show that former teachers can be annoyingly precise. Still, it did seem a reason to celebrate some degree of multi-cultural happiness, not that we’ve ever really needed much of a reason to do that. Actually any reason to contact Lorraine Sisco (She’s German, you know.) pretty much works for us and we’re perfectly willing to admit that. So check out what we’ve learned today (or at least what we’ve theorized at this point), and then go out and find some really good chile verde near you. Feel free to add mucho cerveza. [FEATURED TAGS: Lorraine Sisco, Faith Leon, Exclusive Video]

Lorraine Sisco gives direction to Audrey Hollander, Faith Leon, and Otto Bauer. Maybe it helped.

Did you know that England now employs Imperial Storm Troopers to assure its civil defense? And nobody there has a cell phone that they actually talk on, they just use them to send text messages? And did you know that all British women take showers with pyrex dildos instead of scrubbing brushes? … Well, you have to read between the lines a bit today to figure all that out, but we’re quite certain those are the lessons intended. How could we be wrong? [FEATURED TAGS: Cate Harrington Video, Exclusive Video, Maverick]

Cate Harrington. Consider her a really good-looking professor.

Mayday! Mayday! Danger Will Robinson! … Your mother may be sleeping with Dustin Hoffman! … We asked D.Minion if this was a good way to start the introduction, since she made a point of telling us that today does in fact happen to be May Day, but she said we missed the point. Dang it. We hate it when that happens. To be more direct, we suppose, we could mention that we are literally “Building to a Crescendo” today, but you would only appreciate our dazzling wit were you actually a member and thus able to read today’s entry. Let’s face it: After DM shot down our approach we basically just decided to write enough to make it seem like we’re paying attention up here. You may be sensing a theme this time around. Oh, and we do use foreshadowing a couple of times. That’s always an entertaining little literary diversion – as are Faith Leon, Audrey Hollander, Kellemarie, and Ms. Lorraine Sisco, by the way.  [FEATURED TAGS: Faith Leon, Audrey Hollander, Kellemarie, Nevaeh, Lorraine Sisco, Exclusive Video]

Neveah, Faith Leon, and Kellemarie - working toward that crescendo.