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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


Oh, dear. Oh, dear. … Oh, dear. … We really don’t mean to terrify anyone out there before the always happy “Halloween Month” even begins, but kindness dictates that we need to warn you: D.Minion has a new puppy. … Did we mention, “Oh, dear?” In our efforts to put a finger in the dike before it explodes and we all find ourselves buried in puppy pictures, we decided to enlist the aid of Shayla, Cytherea, and Cheyenne Silver immediately. We admit that technically they do not qualify as “dykes” per se, but who ever heard of sticking their finger in the bisexual? … Yeah. OK. … So who ever heard of it in the context of potentially avoiding a disaster? [FEATURED TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video, Cytherea Exclusive Video, Cheyenne Silver Exclusive Video]

Heroes Need Their Rest

We can explain the American fascination with the NFL in a fairly simple way: For just a little bit of time in one’s complicated and frustrating life, it becomes perfectly acceptable to scream and yell like this world will end if the referee fails to call pass interference on some play in a game. It can be very cathartic, really, at least until the national press gets involved. A presumably relatively educated chap on Good Morning America today did refer to the circumstances surrounding a blown call last Monday as a night “that will live in infamy” during his report that we will now have the regular refs to scream at once again. … Um … That might be a bit extreme. Still, we manage to tie together Cytherea’s birthday and the Oakland Raiders this time out, which we consider a much more reasonable use of the football pastime. Of course we did have to explain to more than a few people in the office why they’re supposed to hate the Raiders. That was disheartening.  [FEATURED TAGS: Cytherea Exclusive Video]

Cytherea’s Feet NOT in Raider Colors

All things considered it seems like our mothers should celebrate the anniversary of our births a lot more than the mere offspring should do. Right? She’s the one that did all the work, after all. If anything the individual kids should probably hide from that day as much as possible, because after that whole “come out of the womb” thing life sure got a lot tougher. Now in Maverick’s case although he claims to be particularly not celebrating this birthday, at least he has chosen to avoid thinking about it by employing a particularly American tactic: He is tormenting his friends with the beautiful women in his life. … OK. So the 247AdultStars team is really just tormenting Steve, so the rest of us can have a grand old time. … (Sorry, Mav. Didn’t mean to bring up old.) [FEATURED TAGS: Anna Joy Exclusive Video,]

A Joy to See Anna that Steve Missed

It goes without saying that any commentary on life almost completely depends on the author’s point of view. We all exist as an amalgamation of our life experiences, and as such we make observations necessarily influenced by that history. Of course not all of us have a POV Sex Experience with Dee, which just goes to show that some points of view can be a heck of a lot more interesting than others. Also, it confirms the theory that life is not fair. [FEATURED TAGS: Dee Video]

A View Sadly Not Shared by Everyone

Some 39 years ago today, Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs in a tennis match between professional players. Without getting into all the after-the-fact rationalizations that attempted to explain this woman over man event, we have decided rather to point out what now should be an obvious fact to everyone: Given enough time, women will always win. Honestly we can’t see why this appears confusing to people. To mark this day with Risqué’s usual celebration of all things female, the women here chose it to debut the NEW RISQUÉ RESPONSIVE DESIGN Launch on the Members’ Side. We did think to point out that that if you took the ages of any two random female performers in the adult business today, and you added those numbers together, odds are good you would still not reach the number thirty-nine. … Then, since many of us here remember watching the match between Billie Jean and Bobby on television, we decided to think about something else and let everyone enjoy all the nifty modern geekiness abounding. We go girl! [FEATURED TAGS: Allyssa Hall Video, Lexi Belle Video]

Allyssa Hall and Lexi Belle, Clearly Thrilled for Us.

A careful analysis of the most recent Monday Night Football contest reveals perhaps a caveat for life: Employing the “lull them into a false sense of security” strategy risks an eventuality where such a state suddenly represents an actual sense of security. Of course even if you know nothing about football — and care even less — you probably know that a “pigskin” plays a crucial role in the game. In our typical not in the least bit similar at all approach to porn simile, we provide “Porcine Prestidigitation” as a discourse this time around. If it makes you feel better, not only do we have no officials around to call penalties, we don’t even wear uniforms — or clothes, if you want to get technical about it. [FEATURED TAGS: Cytherea, Nicki Hunter, Sunny Lane, Emy Reyes, Megan Foxx, Erica McLane]

Erica McLean Considers her Flying Piglets

The football fans take weekends off this time of year, as apparently colleges play all through Saturday, and some frighteningly powerful group called the NFL takes over life on Sundays. Sadly for those folks, they will be late for their date “Smokin’ Bree” — while the rest of us get to enjoy the soft, warm and tasty treat right on time. Even those of us not dedicated to the “pigskin” (or even its name, truth be told) do not find it odd that the NFL has begun to take over Thursdays too this year, to go along with the Monday nights it has always held sway over. No. We do find quite unusual, however, how many “football fans” we have in the office that never follow a team at all until it means they get weekends off. Very curious. [FEATURED TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video, Bree Olsen Video]


You know how you can just be going through your normal life, and all of the sudden you will find yourself thinking about someone you haven’t seen in quite awhile? Well, somebody needs to call Kristal Summers and tell her to think about me next time. She has apparently been lax in this important task. Were this not bad enough, in the recent CyCAM Episode tapped today, Cytherea actually asks for “motivation” before she begins. When a beautiful naked woman looks right at you and asks for advice regarding what she should think about while she masturbates, you shouldn’t take that personally, right? After going 0 for 2, I’m going to fold. You, however, can feel free to enjoy both Kristal and Cytherea. Sigh. [FEATURED TAGS: Kristal Summers, Cytherea Exclusive Video]

Kristal Summers. Sadly not thinking about me.

A mom and pop retail establishment we visited in Los Angeles this week had one of those hand-crafted signs taped to the wall above the cash register. It said, “Due to the declining California economy, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.” That said, since no one here ever made $40/hour to put on lug nuts in an assembly line, perhaps we see the future more optimistically than some people. Of course spending ones time watching three beautiful women act out lesbian fantasies in a bathtub full of milk could tend to brighten one’s outlook. You should prepare to feel much brighter. [FEATURED TAGS: Wanda Curtis, Nikki Blond Video, Britney Diamond, Michael Ninn]

Milky Babes Drying Off

Most of the time we spend 90% of our time working on new material for the Members’ Side, and about 10% of our time organizing files and being sure the databases stay up to date so we can keep posting well into the future (when we would have probably forgotten all about the story behind the photos or videos if we did not complete this step). Obviously it does not take much of a math whiz to figure out that this equation leaves very little room for working on the “Free Side” of risqué. Every once in awhile, though, we will give the topic at least cursory consideration, most often with interesting — if not wholeheartedly amusing — results. Today happens to be such a day as it turns out, although you will need to be a member to know the funny part. Pity, that. [FEATURED TAGS: Dee]

It’s All in the Dee Tales

Conventions have a certain amount of similarity and overlap no matter where they happen to be held. … OK, so we attended a plumbing supplies convention once for some odd reason, and it was a bit different, and when we went to the Venus Show in Berlin they were playing hard core movies up on a giant screen when you went in, but those serve as exceptions that prove the rule. Between us we have been to hundreds of conventions, and those two stand out as unique in our minds. Now when Uncle Gibby goes to a convention with his video camera, though, you just never know what you may discover. Come to think of it, maybe there were a lot more unique moments at conventions, but we simply forgot. The mind is the first to go, you know. [FEATURED TAGS: Exxxotica Chicago 2012, Belladonna Exclusive Video, Stoya Exclusive Video, Stormy Daniels, Alexis Texas, Kristina Rose, Jenna Presley, Mari Possa, Lexi Belle]

Odd Shape

Only in America would we create a holiday called Labor Day and then have everyone celebrate by having everyone basically do nothing. Of course a few religious leaders could take some guidance from this approach. For example if those days of fasting all involved eating tons of decadent food all day long, they’d be a lot more popular. And speaking of food, festivities, and decadence, you should try spending some time in Las Vegas with Shayla and Cytherea. D.Minion did. [FEATURED TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux, Cytherea Exclusive Video, JR Carrington,]

Decadence Without Debauchery. What a Concept.