Heather Vuur

Heather Vandeven Vuur

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Bride Heather Vandeven Vuur[One could make a pretty good argument that Risqué spends its time in a world of its own invention. That may well be, but created it by listening to a whole lot of people over a whole lot of years. Real people read the emails sent in — although for the record, we really don’t need stock tips or prescription drugs from out of the country. We do, however, get more than a few very interesting and specific ones, not even counting the ones that insist on telling us we’re out of our collective mind.

For example, we get many, many requests for Heather Vandeven Vuur — a moniker we completely made up, and one Heather herself may not love. (We didn’t actually ask her, simply because she might have asked us not to use it, and thus we would have felt obligated to accede to her wishes. Easier to ask forgiveness than permission, yada, yada … .) On the other hand, even though it sounds a bit like a woman married into old money with a castle somewhere in Europe, our “Heather Vandeven Vurr” at least has the benefit of being accurate and clear. And let’s face it: The adult industry does not really excel at being either of those things. Consequently, we present a story of Heather, you know, with appropriate apologies to Biblical scholars.]

In the beginning there was Heather “V” (as Heather is of Dutch heritage, and her real name begins with “V” as many of them do). And she was good.

Then Heather became of an age where she could admit to sexual leanings and not get everyone around her incarcerated, and Heather found a wonderful photographer named Ken Marcus, who was also of such age. And Ken took naked pictures of Heather, and they were good.

And Ken sent these pictures to Stacy Valentine, Talent Mistress Extraordinaire at Penthouse Magazine, and Stacy said, “Lo, Ken. Heather is very good.”

And Heather became Heather “Vandeven” in her christening as Pet of the Month for January of 2006. And it was indeed very good.

Happy with her achievements, Eve/Heather asked Deity/Stacy if she could perhaps summon up Michael Ninn so that Heather might have company in her garden of professional delights. And Stacy listened. And Stacy understood. And Stacy did summon Michael. And Michael agreed, “Heather is very good.”

And an Exclusive Performance Contract was born.

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