Heather Vuur

Heather Vandeven Vuur

And Stacy said, “Go forth and be fruitful, or at least make some good movies. Oh, and by the way, she can’t use the name ‘Vandeven’ because Planetary Master ‘Penthouse Media Group’ already owns that name, trademark, and associated importance (and all minutiae).”

And Michael said, “Excuse me?”

And Heather said, “Well, that sucks.”

But Michael soon lost interest, what with him being a Planetary Master in his own right, and all, and he had many Planetary Creations of his own to keep him busy. But Heather remained appropriately peeved, and modified her earlier opinion to, “That REALLY sucks.”

Eventually Heather had raised sufficient fiery rage to decide upon a surname of “Vuur” (which happens to mean fire in Dutch) which didn’t suck and was clever.

And soon from this union of Ninn and Vuur came forth the progeny Sacred Sin.

And it was excellent.

And then a lot of people noticed it was excellent, and couldn’t help but noticing how excellent Heather happens to be as well.

And then came the Pet of the Year competition, and Heather went on Howard Stern and won the competition for their blessing, and she kept doing more and more excellent things in her quest for the title until just now they have allowed us to publicly congratulate Heather for her ultimate success.

Heather has won. She won as “Vandeven” in the magazine, and now they want her to use “Vandeven” in her movies from now on.

But yea the scourge of lawyers loom, to be sure that future evil trademark actions do not transpire in their wicked confusion. And so we faithful await resolution while we continue to proclaim, “Of course Heather is the best. We’ve been saying that all along.” For nothing buoys the faithful so much as the pride of vindication.

And Ninn Worx became the FIRST ADULT COMPANY EVER to have a reigning Penthouse Pet of the Year under contract. (Truth be told, Michael has many, many “firsts” in his career, but this is Heather’s first first, and we are very happy for her.)

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