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Just as football players use pads and helmets to help protect themselves, and police officers wear bulletproof vests and carry guns, porn stars check partners’ HIV tests, work with people they know, and/or use condoms in their scenes. With each scare, some actors leave the business. Despite safety measures, football players are injured every week, and police officers are injured and killed every day. Even with precautions, if one is sexually active with a variety of partners, on screen or off, there is always the chance of contracting HIV. [The difference here being that porn stars certainly don’t provide a public service, like make society safer, as do police officers, for example. And fans of any sport have proven over decades upon decades that they will continue to support a “game” they enjoy, even when the League mandates rule or equipment changes that make the contests safer for the players. Yet porn performers continually hear, “We can’t sell movies with condoms because no one wants to watch them.” And then these same Owners/Directors will say how “their” performers “choose” whether or not they use condoms in a scene. Without being overly scatological here, What a bunch of crap! (We mostly put that qualifying in here to impress D.Minion. Sucking up to the boss remains a time-honored way of succeeding in life after all.) The companies “choose” not to hire people that want to use condoms every day in this business. After all these years, only Wicked Pictures actually requires its performers to use condoms. Gee. They don’t seem to be suffering as a company because of their moral decision. They should have gone bankrupt a decade ago. … The owner, Steve Orenstein, probably doesn’t know that. We’d better tell him.]

I’m not privy to what Ms. Vachs actions will be. Will she decide to be condom-only in her scenes? Will she quit the business for good? Will she be extra careful in her choice of partners? Only time will tell. I’m just happy that she’s happy, and I wish only the best for her! (Plus, I’d like to see her new movie Harder with Eric Masterson and Sean Michaels!) [Ever notice how no woman ever makes a comeback by saying she wants to be “softer” than she was before? If you think about it, women over a certain age actually do tend to get softer as a rule. But, just some advice here: Be really, really careful about to whom you’re speaking if you decide to pass along that little bit of humorous insight.]

Even More Risque:  Vicca of the Motherland, but in Mexico

And while we’re waiting, please enjoy these photos of the inimitable Inari Vachs. They are: 1. “On the Road Backstage” 2. “On the Beaches of Hedonism III in Jamaica” 3. “On an Endorsement of the Latest Über-Product” in no particular order. [And if that doesn’t make you want to see the pictures, you need to call your doctor. You don’t feel well.]

[(Finally,) because some people are so anal about everything fitting perfectly into rows around here, you can see the “odd” Backstage photos below. By now you’ve probably noticed the other “too many for an even row” shots earlier in the story – unless you were too captivated by our prose, of course. Of course in our entire history, at least as far as we could determine, no one has ever, ever complained of (or actually admitted to) being overly captivated by our prose. … So there’s that.]

risque image risque image risque image

[Naturally on the Members’ side there are a bunch of links here that lead to the aforementioned pages, but if we’ve had to protect innocent eyes this much with just the little bitty thumbnails on this page, you can imagine what we’d have to do on the actual photo sets. If you do want to join and see the photos, look for the 10th of the month off the November, 2010 archives menu. If nothing else, we do tend to be extremely organized.]

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