Inari Vachs

Inari Vachs Memories

risque imageOne of my oddest Inari memories is when she asked me to babysit (reptile-sit?) her lizard while she and the gang went to Hedonism for a Playboy shoot. Inari remembered her pet just as everyone was piling into the limo heading for LAX. [We don’t need to say anything here, right?] I’ve taken care of enough dogs and cats that I can improvise if necessary. But a lizard? I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout no reptiles! [Clearly D.Minion has never shopped for a new car or needed a lawyer for anything.]

Inari called me as the limo raced down the 101. She assured me that her lizard was easy to take care of. All I needed to do was to feed it live crickets from PetSmart. (Bleh.) She’d reimburse me when she got home. Actually, the lizard was kind of cute and rather personable! No problem at all! [Sure. Tell that to the crickets.]

risque imageAfter Lucky stopped managing her, we’d see Inari at conventions where we would catch up on each others’ lives. [El Jefe ain’t talkin’ too much about this particular topic, aside from saying wonderful things about Inari as “an individual and a star”. Still, you can see how this might not be the easiest person to take responsibility for professionally. He does say (in a darned convenient email we’re specifically allowed to quote), “When you represent women in this business you end up spending a great deal of time with them, at least if you do a good job and take management seriously. You can sometimes fall into the ‘wonderfully fun to hang around with’ trap and get a little shortsighted. That said, any of us might get hit by a bus tomorrow. Happiness counts too.”] Several years ago, in Vegas during AEE, she and her guy (Let’s call him Mr. Vachs.), hosted a party/showcase of his band. The music wasn’t quite to the liking of these rapidly aging, tragically white, middle-class ears, but it was fun to be remembered. And both the very groovy Vachses treated our little rapidly aging, tragically white, middle-class, group like gold! [Don’t include Maverick in that collection. He’s not middle-class. He also claims to have enjoyed the music, although pretty women have been known to make him walk into walls. Again, so there’s that.]

A short while ago, I read that Inari was back in the Industry. She still looks amazing and her body is as tight and toned as it was in the beginning of her career. She told the press that she hadn’t really “quit” the Adult biz. She’d just taken some time off, and when she looked up, it was eight years later! [Haven’t you noticed? Women that reach a level of reasonable stardom never quit the business entirely. You can see them pop back in as if nothing has happened years later, which of course depends entirely on what just happened in their “other” lives.]

Even More Risque:  Bi Bisexual Birdies

At almost the exactly the same time Inari returned to porn, so did the HIV virus. For the third time in seven years, at least one Adult performer was infected with this dread disease. [Just out of curiosity, can anyone think of “disease” that we do not dread?] Studios closed for a quarantine period; the call once again went up for mandatory condom use. We’ve touched on this subject more than once on this site. Adult performers know that HIV/AIDS is an occupational hazard, just as football players know they can be injured on the field, and police officers know that they can be killed on duty. [And just like any professional athlete the “risk” issue remains the same when it comes to Owners/Directors: We can’t force you to do something you don’t want to do (like work without condoms), but we don’t have to hire you at all either. … ]

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