LaVeaux Love

LaVeaux Love

The Nature of Fantasy

by Aesack Eyesamov

Brittany AndrewsA little while back they did a “Happy Birthday Nikita” post over on risqué that featured a clip starring Shayla and three other beautiful blondes. Well, in the movie they were talking about, Brown-Eyed Blondes, the scene that follows got us to thinking about fantasy in general — more specifically whether or not it has to even be remotely possible in order to provide its intended function, you know, as … let’s go with stimuli.

[Before you wander off on your own fantasy and start wondering about Mr. Holliday’s movie title, it might be worthwhile to give you a little insight into how Jim thought. Clearly Shayla — and most of the others in the show — do not have brown eyes. When I asked Jim about it, though, he got a bit condescending (He did that a lot.) and explained that it was not “that eye” he was talking about. Apparently some women have pink buttholes, and others have brown. His reference in the title was to that body part and not the optic nerve one. … And now you can see why many conversations with Jim Holliday tended to be rather short.]

As near as we can tell, fantasy falls into two distinct categories, and people seem to be fairly staunch in their defense of whichever method “works” for them. In the first camp we have those folks that like to imagine what would happen were they ever in a given situation. These are the folks that like to picture sex with celebrities, or 3-ways with two close friends (or in one case a wife and her sister, but that’s just weird), or even random oral encounters with a local bartender. In the next group we have the people that prefer to remember things that have already happened, as recalling those special moments gives their ol’ dervish another whirl. [You may wonder how we have time to sit around and talk about odd topics such as this, but we can explain it fairly simply: This is a good job.]

Basically it all comes down to how one chooses to look at life.

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A Matter of Perspective

Shayla LaVeaux & Brittany Andrews

We get emails about the “Shush Dude” fairly often — from distraught to definitely irritated — yet rarely have we found such a perfect use for a synchronized Shush Duo. Still some people on the members’ side probably like the photo better without them. What can you do?

See? Perspective counts — a lot.

The whole “LaVeaux Love” title makes sense now too, right?

Also, upon reflection, we may have discovered a third group of people in the world when it comes to fantasy. Some of us apparently can fall into either of the two categories we just listed, depending upon the circumstance. Not even the ancient veterans here, for example, can recall a specific memory of having sex with Shayla LaVeaux and Brittany Andrews at the same time, yet we all seem to find the concept quite pleasant — and potentially useful.


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