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We originally met Syren Sexton during the first UKAP party in the summer of 2008. She had attended the party with a fellow producer from the north of England, where she also lives. [Just so we’re clear here, having seen Syren in action now, we have offered some alternate places that she could consider residing. So far we have not received an email reply. We blame Internet Gremlins.] We had a few chats with her and spent most of the night bumping into her (not that kind of bumping!) as we went around the party. Apart from Syren’s good looks, while I was chatting with someone else I heard her say, “Maverick is such a nice guy,” so she clearly has a lot going for her. [Also, busty blondes seem to always impress Mav. You may have noticed.]

Syren Sexton and her pink underwearOkay, I know you might think that might be silly, but I believe being nice to someone goes a long way. [Actually we really just think Mav’s easy. Of course in fairness to the lad, Syren probably finds most men (and a big number of women) easy to deal with.] So for that reason, after the party we kept in contact with Syren via email (luckily she had given us a business card) seeing when the best time to do a shoot would be. [She clearly has a method, albeit seemingly without the madness.] Syren had quickly become very popular, and it would take us until May 2009 to finally be able to schedule this shoot. She would be booked up solidly for 2 or 3 months ahead! Worth the wait we think. [You’ll have to see all of the Syren shoots, but you’ll be able to figure out why Maverick, in particular, considered this worth waiting for. Personally, we’d shoot Syren every week, at least until we got caught.]

Syren Sexton already teasing usAccording to Syren, she took her name from the Greek Mythology about Sirens who sang and drew sailors towards their songs and made them crash upon rocks. [Here’s some advice to all you young people out there: Be very wary of women that consider themselves dangerous.] She changed the “i” to a “y” and thus had Syren, and she explained that she for its releveance to her job (the “sex” bit, as “ton” can also be an English slang term for “a lot”). [Yeah, we have that same expression over here in America too, but our tons have pounds, while Mav’s money has pounds. All in all, it seems better to have a ton of money rather than a lot of weight, come to think of it. (As it ha’ pence – speaking of money.)] I can see how that could come about, but I think the “sex” is the relevant part. Sorry, no first pet or the street you lived on names for this lady. I know Lucky will throw a pun in here. [Sorry. Shot my wad on the half a penny in Brit money joke. Need to recharge … However, I will reiterate that Syren could use any name she wanted to should she suddenly desire to be our pet and live on our street.]

Even More Risque:  Anais Appeal, Technically

Research Subject Syren Sexton and her ... songs.This shoot shaped up as different from the start. For one thing, during my research of the net to see what Syren had done already, we found out that she had done a couple of Cream Pie scenes. So in an email we asked her if she still did shoots up to that level and she replied that “of course” she still did. [She just gets better and better, doesn’t she?] Well, I know what you’re all thinking, and you’d be right. We decided we’d shoot some scenes for the site with protection and one in a new venue for our group. First of all, I thought Syren would be a great model to do a certified shoot with and second, it would also let us learn some important things. Because of the nature of our site we’ve never really had to see how we here in England go about getting certs and how similar the system might be to the one in the US with A.I.M. (and with all certs going through one organization). [Uh-huh. Purely Scientific Reasons. … We use that one too.]

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