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At the start of May, I headed to a private health care centre in the middle of London and after filling in a form waited to be seen by a doctor. [I did ask Mav about this, and apparently even a place not “in the middle of London” can be a “centre” too. … Even aside from the spelling it seems like a confusing place.] After a few minutes I was called in and the doctor explained the procedure and the risks involved with the adult industry. I must admit I was nervous at first, but the doctor took me through a list of questions for a medical history and then took some blood from my arm. I remember the last time I had something like this done in a hospital and my arm was left bruised for several days after. This doctor knew (thankfully) how to draw blood, though, and I didn’t get a bruising at all. There wasn’t even a bit of blood from where he took the blood. There then followed an examination and the doctor explained everything as he went along. [Well if they explain what they’re going to do first, you might go screaming away into the street and not pay them.]

After that it was time to piss into a bottle, or more like small plastic collection bottles. I’d been told not to pee for three hours before appointment, so to be frank I was bursting to pee. [TMI, dude! TMI! … (but funny, so I left it in).] With that done, the doctor got the nurse to test the samples and gave me the all clear on the urine and the test for HIV. I’d have to wait three days for the other results, but it did end up being a quick and painless procedure … well apart from my wallet which would be lighter £225(around $360 USD at the time of writing this report.) [What men will do for … well, we should put another picture here and save 1,000 words.]

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Two Syren Sexton Cups Runneth OverI did eventually have to visit the centre again, as I hadn’t heard anything by the end of that week. [And he was in a hurry, and all.] After all that travel, I found that they were only open in the afternoons. [This, of course, being a little detail he might have discovered had his mind not been on the object of all these efforts during his first visit.] Finally the cert did come through the post, and I passed with flying colours! Everything was negative, which was good in this case. [A negative can often be a good thing, depending on how you approach the issue, if you think about it. Considering that Mav’s very excited at this point in the story, however, perhaps it would be best if we did not wander too philosophically afar.]

You do get nervous waiting for the results, even though you know you haven’t been, as we English say, “been dipping it where it shouldn’t be.” Syren even joked in emails the days while I waited for the results that was I sure I didn’t have anything crawling around or have an itch. If we ever chose to do another certified shoot, I’ll be going back to this place and even now they offer people in the industry a discount if they become regular visitors to the centre. I mean to keep your certs up to date and it’s within 30 days you’d pay £125 instead of the £225 (so you save around $100 USD). I’d never been to the A.I.M. clinic so can’t comment on how it compared, but I sure Lucky will drop in a comment about that here. [You mean like I’m absolutely certain that Mr. Maverick would run right over to the A.I.M. clinic were he to find a U.S. porn star willing to shoot a cream pie scene with him? That kind of comment?]

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Syren Sexton. Fit for a Bra.Fast forward to the day of the shoot. [… which we’re all quite sure he did.] I headed out to the shoot location, once again our friend Trash’s place in sunny Brighton, on the south coast of England. You might remember it from the pictures and videos from our Cate Harrington shoot. [Yeah, right. That’s what we noticed about the Cate shoot – the furniture.] Since we’d last shot there, Trash has acquired some soft light boxes that made the pictures of Syren come out really well in the sets we shot on a sofa. [For you new people here, propriety dictates that I mention that our friend Maverick has not always had lighting foremost in his mind when he gets to the part where the young woman is finally about to get naked for him. Ah, youth … ]

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