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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


Of course we could have just let everyone know that Maverick has his new post up on 247AdultStars.com but then we would have missed out to talk about Cheyenne Silver some more. With all the various negotiations going on around the country, not all of them as newsworthy as the NFL CBA probably, we’ve been refreshing our memories on the classic strategy recommended for “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” around here. Theoretically we should have some news to finally relate in the coming month, but for now you can See How Silver Shines and try not to feel too sorry about when millionaires have to fight with billionaires. For our part, we’ll continue to hope that we won’t have to bone up on Sun Tzu and Machiavelli. [FEATURED TAGS:AEE 2011, Cheyenne Silver, Faye Reagan, Gianna Michaels, Gina Lynn, Bree Olsen, Tanya Tate, Kaylani Lei, Lupe Fuentes, Jessica Drake, Bobbi Starr, Lexi Belle, Nina Hartley, Inari Vachs, Tara Lynn Foxx, Tori Black, Riley Steele, Jesse Jane,Asa Akira, JustineJoli, MoniqueAlexander, Adrenalynn, Alexis Ford, Kayden Kross,Exclusive Video, 247AdultStars.com]

Love in an Elevator

New words enter the English language all the time. We all now use “tweet” in a way entirely different from its traditional associations, for example. Some words appear entirely out of nowhere. You’d be hard pressed to find a person on the planet now that doesn’t know “Google” as both a noun and a verb now. Heck, they even had a big televised “event” when the Oxford American College Dictionary added Rachel Ray’s “EVOO” (Extra-Virgin Olive Oil) to its listings a couple of years ago. Still, with all of that it would be a mistake to ignore some rarely used, yet nevertheless classic, words when they fit a situation. Take for example Matriarch. And then apply it to Shayla LaVeaux. That’s what we do today at least. … And after you’re done enjoying the story (and probably the lesbian videos featuring Shayla, Juli Ashton, Keri Windsor, and Dee) then you can think about what “Extra-Virgin” might mean in our context. That seems to be a tricky one. [FEATURED TAGS:Cheyenne Silver, Shayla LaVeaux Video,Jessica Drake, Rayveness, Skye Blue, Juli Ashton Video, Keri Windsor Video, Dee Video]

Cheyenne Silver, jessica drake, & Shayla LaVeaux — Many, Many Words Describe Them

All of us recognize Los Angeles as pretty much the Land of Celebrities, but that fact can still be rather surprising on occasion. For example, we’re not sure exactly which celebrities we might have expected to see sitting courtside at the NBA All-Star Game yesterday, but honestly Stevie Wonder would have been really far down the list of potentials. Of course he did have a guy next to him that seemed to be providing a personal play by play. Still, it does seem an odd choice, even for a rich guy. Now should he have wanted to sit courtside while Cytherea masturbates in a stairwell, that would have made perfect sense to us. Life’s just a matter of perspective, isn’t it? [FEATURED TAGS:Cytherea]

Cytherea Rounding up the Spectators

Have you ever driven through a particularly bad thunderstorm and had it break a brand new windshield? Well, if you haven’t we can assure you that it makes for a rather disconcerting conclusion of a journey. Sometimes you just have to deal with unpleasantness in life. Of course, when you work in the adult movie business, terms like “uncomfortable” can take on a dynamically different meaning as today’s example with Sasha Heart should demonstrate. On the other hand, the experience did provide us with a handy title for the episode: Oh, Hail No! … If you can’t make lemonade out of life’s little quirks, at least try to smile through the refraction. [FEATURED TAGS:Ron Jeremy, Sasha Heart, Video, Erica McLean]

Don't Panic: This is Not Sasha Heart

Remember how happy you were when you finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel and it did not in fact turn out to be a train? Well our conclusion of the Dee at KSEX Saga falls into that category, since now we can move along to if not more interesting, at least different, episodes in the Life of Dee. Also, it happens to be her birthday today, and this seemed like a wonderful way to celebrate it. After all we want to keep Dee happy since we might want to get on another ride with her soon. Face it: Not all tunnels are created equal. [FEATURED TAGS:KSEX Radio, Dee Video, Juli Ashton Video]

Dee Preparing Suitably for the Finale - Unsuited, As It Were

Our not yet venerable, but certainly less than spry D.Minion weighs in on love this time around, and predictably you’ll need to wade through a bit of the “aren’t puppies wonderful” prose. On the upside, those parts remain amazingly easy to skip. We also get a little insight into porn star love courtesy, Juli Ashton, Julia Ann, Devinn Lane, and one quite fortunate fellow, and that beats the heck out of Puppy Love, truth be told. Finally we should wish 247AdultStars.com an official Happy Birthday today, which sort of wraps the whole love and happiness bit up into a nice adorable package. Of course “nice, adorable, package” isn’t ever what a guy really wants to hear from any woman, let alone one he loves. However, if she has beautiful porn star friends, we’re willing to forgive a lot. Men are so easy. [FEATURED TAGS:Julia Ann Exclusive Video, Melissa Monet, Devinn Lane, Juli Ashton]

Julia Ann, Juli Ashton, Devinn Lane - Quite Loveable All

Think about how much nicer it would be if it were really warm where you are. And then think about Shayla and three of her naked female friends joining you to cool off (or heat up, whatever). … And then think about Jeannie C. Riley. … Yeah, it confused us too. But the tropical lesbian fest makes sense, and it’s easy enough to ignore all the silly prose from the aging ones around here. In the spirit of things today, however, we did decide to offer up a thumbnail link that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with D.Minion’s topic of the day – but it fits the Shayla one perfectly. Of course clearly it’s easy to get along with Shayla. [FEATURED TAGS:Shayla LaVeaux, Felecia, Selena Steele, Janie]

Inari Vachs. Helpful one, that.

You know what’s really cool about membership areas (well, at least when you have access to them)? You can look at these little bitty, admittedly quite confusing thumbnail images and at least hope they’ll be some explanation for them inside. While the NFL estimates somewhere over 150,000,000 will be watching the Super Bowl today, we don’t anticipate being quite that crowded. On the other hand, they just have a bunch of sweaty men, and we have a sweaty Cytherea. We win. … We also have perhaps the very best video ever taken of “Life at a Convention” – admittedly enhanced with some very festive polka music. Gosh, we win again. [FEATURED TAGS:Dee, Cytherea Exclusive Video, Jessica Drake Exclusive Video]

Weather or Not, To Be (Dee) Actually

Apparently over 100 million people find themselves bracing for a brutal winter storm today. And not one of them works in the office here in Southern California. Imagine that. Almost all of us have families elsewhere that generally refer to our place of domicile with some variation of the “Land of Fruits and Nuts” comment, though. (And they don’t mean anything at all having to do with healthy food items, in case you couldn’t tell.) Still, the whole “cultural” issue came to mind, and seemed like a fine launching point for today. If nothing else, our “Jean Pool” approach will distract you from shoveling snow. People still do that we hear. … Odd. [FEATURED TAGS:Shayla LaVeaux Video, Juli Ashton, Keri Windsor, Gary Gray (Helmetcam Man)]

The Advanced Cleavage Catch