Adult Star Dee

High “Aspirations” (As it Were)

A chance meeting at lunch last week provided this information, along with a list of other “office job opportunities” Penny rejected at various companies associated with the business. Despite the fact that “reality” shows are actually rigidly scripted entertainment vehicles, Penny claims that at some point during her “acting” with Dr. Drew she actually did start to feel like he might be on to something valuable pertaining to her life. According to Penny, at least Dr. Drew takes himself quite seriously on these shows. (Pardon the editorial implication in there, but someone had to say it.) Whatever the case, Penny co-starred in another Dr. Drew show for just “rehab” instead of “sex rehab” and had a great time, also learning more about herself. Consequently Penny has now decided to ditch the sex business altogether and become a “Professional Reality Star” — whatever that means. Now none of us here can tell you exactly what that means, of course. It would seem that there would be a fairly small limit to how many “realities” can fit into one life, but Penny seems happy and sincerely dedicated to the proposition that she’s becoming a “better person” because she decided to accept the first “reality” role. Penny has always been one of the happiest (and zaniest) people on a set, and so anything that helps her continue these optimistic feelings sits just fine with us. We did decide to illustrate today with a more traditional “Penny Flame Being Happy” scene that we’ve had around for some time, but according to Penny she’s fine with that too. So far she bears the industry no ill will. We’re sure we have at least a couple of stills sets around that Penny provided years ago too, but putting D.Minion in charge of searching through the “content closet” never yields predictable results. (You’ll see evidence of this fact very soon, actually.) Consequently for the time being, in order to keep our stills fans happy, we’ve linked back to a set we ran many moons ago. Unless you’ve been a member for a very long time, you’ve probably never seen this post. And if you have been a member that long, then you know that another excuse to look at Penny with Monique Alexander and Charlie Laine seems like an excellent idea. We’ll keep you posted on Penny (et al.) … Maybe we can get Dr. Drew to give us an interview. Now that would be interesting.
Even More Risque:  Pooling Heather Vandeven Resources
Finally, if you wondered why Dee’s “Top Ten” list only includes nine items, well, the answer seems a simple one to us. Dee’s at least 10% better than we normal folks. …
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