The Taylor Hayes Haze

Now I got into that story about Taylor just to point out that sometimes women in this business make some extraordinarily baffling decisions. In Tenaya’s case here, she always claimed that she “only works with girls” in the movies. She always had a boyfriend, so the heterosexual issue never really came up, but precisely because of her relationship, I never questioned the decision to stick with lesbian sex on camera. Honestly, only a very few men I’ve ever met can really deal with their girlfriend having sex with other men, even in a “professional” atmosphere. Most people have a host of insecurities that prevent them from ever being comfortable in that situation. (Of course they call it “love” or some such, rather than “insecurity” but the merits of that distinction really don’t matter for today. It would be interesting to talk about sometime, though. Think about coming out to Vegas in January. The late night Sports Bar sorts of conversations are great for this sort of thing.) Let’s just move along for now, however …

Basically, I’ve seen a whole lot of vaginas in my day, and not a one of them looked like the particular appendage shown on Tenaya’s partner in this picture. Doing some research we discovered that Tenaya started out in the business working with men as well as women in the movies. I happen to know that the boyfriend didn’t change during that time, although it is possible that Tenaya sort of forgot to mention the large penises that were part of her new career. That’s possible. I’ve heard of that happening with couples before.

Whatever the case, the fact remains that once you start doing dick on camera, it becomes really, really difficult to “go back” and just play with pussy. What generally happens is that the pressure to “please” reconsider this decision becomes so great that the women usually just stop making movies altogether. … Hmm. … Sound familiar?

Even More Risque:  Chantelle Fox

I have to say that most of us were pretty surprised when Tenaya just decided to hang it up, but now that we know this part of the story, everything seems to make a lot more sense. Those of us that still get to visit with Tenaya on occasion can tell you that she does seem very happy, and not at all inclined to reconsider her decision, even though that boyfriend has long left the scene. Still, you have to wonder what might have happened had she received a bit more of the “big picture” sort of advice back at the first of her career. In the grand scheme she certainly didn’t seem to be very shy, as the “Shaving Set” of pictures on the next couple pages will illustrate.

Now you women out there probably won’t exhibit the same amount of amazement that we men do when looking at these photos, but take it from me: Getting a very, very sharp piece of metal into those little tiny places scares the dickens out of most of us. Tenaya may have gotten shy about boys on camera, but she sure doesn’t scare easily about everything. … They do tend to be unusual women in this business. I mentioned that, right?

Oh! I forgot to finish the Taylor story. (If you really don’t care, just scroll to the bottom of the page and you can jump to the Tenaya Shaving Pictures, via our traditional handy-dandy icons.)

Where were we? … Right. … Taylor had just resigned from VCA and signed up with Mr. Butts. Now, wouldn’t you know it, but about three weeks after Taylor leaves VCA that Pool Party 2 movie comes out, and you can probably guess who turned out to be the star. … After some “satisfactory” phone calls, Russ claimed to be convinced that all of Taylor’s footage was shot after she left VCA, and that’s still the story everyone has stuck to over the years. As long as the guy that owned VCA was happy, and life was still good for Juli, Vicca, and Nikita, I didn’t see much reason to make waves (about the Pool Party, as it were). Still, the cynical side of me has never quite bought into that whole story. I know how long it takes to get a movie from production to release, and even for a gonzo company, three weeks seems really tight. (Of course Taylor probably did too, which could have created this whole mess in the first place, if you think about it.)

Even More Risque:  Risque Commune Conviviality

The cynical side of me has always taken a back seat to the amazed side of me in this case, however. … The movie that Taylor Hayes turned down to be the new “Tushy Girl” did in fact make quite an impact in this industry. You ever hear of Michael Ninn’s Shock … ?

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