Optical Illusion

The Political Color Wheel

Dee, Inari, and Lucky waged a protest. They mentioned that this was the twenty first century in Los Angeles, not the eighteenth century in the Deep South. The big muckety muck at the large, unnamed movie company was not unmoved. He said he agreed with them and that he deplored prejudice. However, some backwards, Neanderthal, consumers of adult films didn’t agree with him. They wouldn’t buy his films if they contained interracial scenes. His decision was a monetary one. His decision stood. Byron was out. [My turn. Wicked has over the years filmed many interracial scenes. I have represented both women that did and did not work with other races. Many factors come into play when producing an adult movie, and choosing with whom to have sex in one. The time frame becomes important here. All of this was happening in February of 2001. George W. had just been inaugurated. No one in our industry could have any reasonable idea what his government would be doing. Most were scared. In my opinion, many of them should be — but not all — far from all. In my opinion, this decision rested, fairly or not, on the belief that interracial scenes in this political climate were more risky to release. It’s shortsighted to water it down to “money” when the much more encompassing term would be that Steve made a “business” decision. You know, many of you may never have thought about it, but “obscenity” is the only major felony that I can think of where a person can have a 100% honest belief that he or she is NOT committing a crime. Justice Stewart’s questionable wisdom of precedent has never been effectively dealt with. “I can’t define it,” he said, “but I know it when I see it.” Making something a crime — and a jail-able crime — that the perpetrator only knows is a crime after completing it, and having someone else (or a pool of them) judge it to be so, is at the heart of the risk that every person in this business runs. We make calculated risks; hopefully we guess correctly. Wow, I’d best get off my soap box here. Sorry.]

Inari, Dee, Lucky, and all the members of the Ashton View family including yours truly were angry. Inari was particularly upset because she had already booked Byron.

Luckily, Inari is finishing up work on her own movie, Essentially Inari. She’d do a scene with Byron for that, darn it, even if it meant doing three scenes in one day! Inari scrambled for a replacement for French Kiss, and booked Pat Myne — a very nice, very professional, very Caucasian guy. The unnamed movie company approved, and we were ready to roll. [More fodder: Ashton View will eventually release Essentially Inari, and Wicked Pictures will distribute it. See how narrowly we’re forced to cut our lines? And remember the scope of our wager: We’re betting financial security, and an ability to make a living in a way we find free from restraint, AND both proper and moral, against jail time in a Federal Penitentiary. It’s got to be time for some pictures of the lovely Inari Vachs now …

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