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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


Just for the record, if you ever get a new friend in Los Angeles, she should own a ranch in the hills. We happened to be at two such places over the last few days, one of them drinking margaritas, and one of them not drinking margaritas because we just had to bring by our donation for the Pet Rescue Center before getting the heck out of Dodge – because we didn’t want to be stuck late drinking margaritas again. When Pour Me Another Tequila Sheila starts sounding like one of the greatest songs ever written, you should really call it a night. Also you all donate something to your local pet rescue … after reading this right now, naturally. [FEATURED TAGS: Tori Black, Erica McLean]

Tori Black. She probably loves Country Music.

Did you know that déjà vu has an opposite partner called jamais vu? It means feeling like you’re seeing something that should be familiar for the very first time. Well, Felicity lends us her photographic talents today, and even after having been present on literally thousands of adult movie sets, we found ourselves amazed. People might be surprised to learn that a great many very talented people populate this industry, and not all of them work in front of the camera. Not that we wouldn’t want to see Felicity naked, but that’s another story entirely. [FEATURED TAGS: Megan Foxx, Emy Reyes Video]

Sunny Lane's Eyes of the Beholder

To some extent we find ourselves without guidance today as the head guru dude is off working with Cytherea to help get the rest of the elements in line for the launch of her new site, and D.Minion is (we swear) off attending the General Hospital Annual Convention in Los Angeles. Obviously the first decision we understand completely, and the second one baffles us completely. At any rate we have been left to “complete” Maverick’s latest 247AdultStars entry today, and we have done so with our completely typical aplomb. Basically, we complete you. … Nice, isn’t it? [FEATURED TAGS: AdultStars247, Sandie Caine Video, Exclusive Video]

Lessons Learned Are Like ... Something. We forget.

None of us here could find a definitive answer regarding how old a person has to be before they can become an existential, but it does seem like you should probably be older than your typical new porn star. Of course some would argue that women that choose making adult movies as a vocation must by definition hold at least some existential concepts dear, even if they don’t perceive them as such. Others would argue that expressing one’s sexuality openly and without shame indicates rather a strong moral compass and a dedication to individual empowerment. … Then there are those of us that would argue that there’s altogether too much arguing in life already, and so we should really just stop arguing and enjoy the unusual people, like Erica McLean and Megan (“not that one” ) Foxx, that populate the planet. … Also, everyone should have dogs. If everyone had dogs, there would be no war. [FEATURED TAGS: Megan Foxx, Erica McLean]

Megan Foxx — Stratching an Itch. Or Itching a Scratch. … Whatever.

Feast or Famine. That’s what they say, right? Well, whoever “they” happen to be, “they” certainly hit the nail on the head this time around. All of the sudden everybody here has so many independent projects going on that we actually have a temporary written sheet to help keep track of them all. And computer geeks don’t like writing; that’s a fact. Still according to the Aged Ones in charge writing is actually faster and more efficient sometimes. (Yeah, right.) On the other hand, the crush has given one of the newer team members a chance to do a little investigation of Dee, along with Kinzie Kenner and Yasmine Milan. How bad can that be? As a matter of fact, also according to the Aged Ones, if we let people play with Dee stories once in awhile, they don’t whine nearly as much about workload. Even computer geeks agree with that. [FEATURED TAGS: Dee, Kinzie Kenner, Yasmine Milan]

Spanks for the Memories

This has all the markings of an interesting few days coming up, as we’re headed into downtown to help Cytherea with her next web content shoot, and then we plan on visiting our first ever “Exxxotica Los Angeles” convention. Usually we go to “Erotica Los Angeles” which would obviously be a completely different gathering (as you can tell by the completely different name), but AVN decided not to have “Erotica” this year (not that they really told anyone or anything, but we’re not bitter). Then we’re going to be on set for a couple of days with Erica McLean where presumably we will learn that on occasion pigs do indeed fly. Cytherea has chimed in further to help everyone pass the time in our absence with a blast from her past we’ve entitled “A Cy and a Thigh High Sigh” – simply because we’re weird that way. And if you’re familiar with Cytherea at all, you understand completely that we use the term “blast” here in a literal sense. The Geeks will be here doing their Geek Things, though, and after perusing today’s commentary, you’ll likely understand a bit more – and be quite happy doing so. [FEATURED TAGS: Cytherea Video]

Cy Creating the Thigh High Sigh

Just to be sure we get everyone mentioned, because they do bop all over this “socializing” story here, it was (in order of Marty’s Photo Page Appearance) Nicki Hunter, Jenna Haze, Sara Sloane, Misty Stone, Belladonna, Bobbi Star, Kirsten Price, Savanna Samson, Joanna Angel, and one bodaciously cute Production Assistant named Mandie hanging around on this day, but Tori Black, Kayden Kross and Kagney Lynn Karter didn’t get there until very late, so we have to save them for the next installment. Of course we still have plenty to cover (or uncover) today, so we’re not overly sad. Also, if you’re a Member here you know how much extra credit counts, so you might think about boning up on Kenny Rogers trivia and Greek Mythology. That’s probably not the type of “boning up” you expected here, right? [FEATURED TAGS: Nicki Hunter, Jenna Haze, Sara Sloane, Misty Stone, Belladonna, Bobbi Star, Kirsten Price, Savanna Samson, Joanna Angel]

Nicki Hunter, Savanna Samson and Sara Sloane  — Socializing

The current favorite for the Local LA Area Bumper Sticker contest we keep perpetually in motion around here reads, “Where am I going, and why am I in this hand basket?” Now you shouldn’t read too much into the fact that we’re talking a bit about AVN today, and if you do read something into it anyway, we can assure you that we plan on denying everything. As a matter of fact, that turns out to be a pretty good plan for life in general. Feel free to try it yourself. If nothing else, it annoys the dickens out of most people, and that’s always fun. [FEATURED TAGS: Felicity]

Felicity – of Body and Spirit