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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


We called this entry about Tenaya “The Heart of Talk and Stroll” — well — because we’re just weird that way. In addition, we will occasionally plug 80’s bands because — well — honestly we have no idea. We can’t figure that one out ourselves most of the time, but it presumably makes somewhat more sense than the Rodney Carrington references you’ll also find in these pages. Nonetheless, when you’re showing a bit of Tenaya’s spectacular private life, nobody’s really going to read the title anyway, chances are. If you do read, however, you’ll learn even more about the lovely lass. Also, you’ll learn to enjoy words like nonetheless.  [STAR TAGS: Tenaya]

A Couple of Tenaya's Firm Things

Apparently they changed a flat tire, saw lots and lots of old friends that happen to make adult movies for a living, and ate fast foot. That would be the seriously abridged version of Lon’s Adult Entertainment Expo experience this year. However, if you have been fortunate enough to become a Member of any of the Risqué Commune avenues, you know how much we hate doing things too quickly when it comes to any adult behavior, so you can once again rest assured that we’ve provided insight and illustration you simply won’t find anywhere else. We prefer to think that other people all get it wrong, if you’re wondering how that often seems to be the case here. [STAR TAGS: Adult Entertainment Expo, Rayveness, Kylie Ireland, Jessica Drake, Monique Alexander, Julia Ann, Ginger Lynn, Kaylani Lei, Kirsten Price, Nina Hartley, Stormy Daniels, Cytherea Video, Exclusive Video]

Rayveness in an outfit not seen on the convention floor.

Purists among us might point out that we should probably have uploaded this particular “Celebrate the Irish” post a couple of days ago, but there are just way too many people out there dedicated to Tradition simply for the sake of Tradition. Don’t you think? … Consequently we’ve decided to march to our own drummer around here. (There’s a big shock, right?) And just as soon as we manage to find our drummer we’re going to start working out some new routines. You can count on it. … On a completely unrelated note, have you ever noticed that even if you’re not drinking green beer — on the beach — in the heat — after enough of it, all the people still seem to start turning various shades of green? … Science is interesting.  [STAR TAGS: Nikki Rhodes Video]

Irish Eyes are Smiling. Other Parts are Happy Too.

Recently it came to our attention that we do not say, “Oh, Bollocks!” nearly enough around the office. Consequently we have resolved to remedy this situation just as quickly as possible. (Technically we had to first resolve to have resolutions on days other than New Year’s, but why get bogged down in details really?) … And speaking of details, Maverick shares a great many of them today in his “Day 2 of the AEE” post on 247AdultStars. Sadly we didn’t actually find any “nonsense” or “rubbish” — which seems to be how defines “bollocks” for us — so we couldn’t use the term in the ever-pithy commentary on those posts from our leader. On the upside, the reference source did say that term often has a “vulgar” connotation, and that should be something we have no trouble working with around here. It’s good to have a plan.  [STAR TAGS:, Adult Entertainment Expo, Lexi Love, Katie Kox, Kayden Kross, Sasha Grey, AJ Bailey, Savanna Samson, Lexi Belle, Bree Olsen, Julia Ann, Exclusive Video]

Very Far From the Bottom of the Barrel

Some things are just filthy. Have you noticed? Sometimes, it seems, however, this appears to be the goal. Well, it’s good to have a plan, and Audrey Hollander does have a unique way of celebrating her birthday, we’ll give her that. Sometimes D.Minion doesn’t need to do much more than tell it like it was … [STAR TAGS: Lyla Lei, Audrey Hollander, Aurora Snow, Michael Ninn]

Aurora Snow ... Not Dressed for It

You can find many good reasons to live in Los Angeles, but the colorful people have to be at least near the top of every list. In this economy most big cities will have scroungy-looking people on street corners looking for some money for some reason or another. However, in LA last week we saw a guy with a sign that said, “Need $4.01 for a soy latte.” … Across the street from this fellow was another chap with a sign that said, “Gulf War Veteran. Need a WIFE. Will accept cash.” … You gotta love LA. They could never put the “reality” here on television and have anyone believe it. Speaking of which, we give another dose of our “too strange for prime time” reality with an update on Penny Flame and some “Sanity” advice from Dee. Try wrapping your head around that one. [STAR TAGS: Penny Flame Video, Charlie Laine, Monique Alexander]

This Happens All the Time in LA

So here’s the deal: D.Minion gets very, very excited when she gets to go on the road with one of the girls, and so her reports from these adventures tend to ramble a bit. In the piece that follows, we go from puppies to school girls, to the birthdays of 70’s television stars and how to get free lap dances at strip clubs. Consequently, we’ll give you a hint: In the first paragraph there is a picture of Dee. This will be the only picture accompanying the article proper. Just on the off chance that somebody might want to hit that handy-dandy camera icon at the top of the page, and jump to directly to the rest of the photos, that will be useful information to remember. … If you decide to exercise this option, however, and D.Minion ever asks you about it. Lie to her. … That’s what we do.  [STAR TAGS: Dee, Kristal Summers]

Dee's Assets, Carefully Covered. Probably.