Eric Masterson and Wendy Divine

Wendy Divine & The Pizza Man

Whether you guessed right or wrong, this scene is still enjoyable because you get the BTS reality, but with a naked girl in the tub. Who can complain about that? You’ll get the rundown about what girls think of porn, their must and must-nots, and the scenery of the set from the crew’s point of view. [Remember, the people in this show thought that they were making a parody of all the cheesy porno plot scenarios. They did not realize at the time that THEY were the movie.]

Aaaaand here comes the classic pizza guy scene that all of us are used to, but with a tiny twist. Shayla is up to something in the background, and even I was surprised to see what that something was. Definitely makes you want to be on a set even more than before. [You cannot see Shayla in these photos, because she did not appear in this part of Basically Becca but we did manage to sneak in a gratuitous catalogue plug, and D.Minion loves those.]

About the pizza — I wonder if they actually put pizza in there, or if it’s just a box? Pepperoni? Cheese? Okay, I’m hungry now.


Anyway, on to the scene that brought everyone here: Wendy plays a perfect naughty little housewife with not too much to lose. Blonde bombshell that she is, she effortlessly seduced her pizza man, leaving no doubt in our minds that she isn’t paying for her order any time soon. [This might be an excellent opportunity for a Becca Bonus it seems. (And it was. Sadly, however, we found Becca rather more enthralled with adult activity than would be appropriate out here, so we suggest just using your imagination — if you do not JOIN. Sometimes in life, imagination may be our closest friend.)]

After the scene “dessert” appears, we wrap up on the importance of Halloween, barely legals, and free shirts. Some valuable life lessons, my friends. Valuable life lessons. [Ashton View was always a deeply philosophical organization.]

Literally Pimping the Ride

Wendy Divine and Becca

Hey! We found Becca (and Wendy Divine and Eric Masterson) in a more covered up pose. Bonus! … That didn’t happen very often on this day.

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