50 Ways in Risque Retrospect

50 Ways to Have Your Lover

Lucky Shot of Anais AlexanderEven More Lucky Anais Alexander

[We should mention that on the members’ side, rather than the two undeniably fetching photographs you see here — taken by some Lucky fellow — we displayed a couple of rather more revealing photos of Anais — taken by Suze Randall. The Polaroids from Anais’s first shoot with Suze fit thematically into this story, but as illustrations they didn’t quite work for us. Technically these two shots were taken on a fancy Nikon camera owned by Michael Ninn which shot digital images which would have been difficult, if not entirely stupid, to store in the console of an old pickup truck. Now that we’ve covered that, we may continue. …}

Kaylan Nicole & Chasey LainNext we have a similarly easy task, explaining what would probably be fairly obvious, Kaylan Nicole and Chasey Lain, wandering around a convention very early in their careers. This had to be very soon after either of them signed their performance contracts — Kaylan with Alex de Renzy and Chasey, of course, with Wicked — because once people started hearing about them, there’s no way a photographer could have backed up far enough to take this shot without hoards of people being in the way. Best guess would put this at AVN (before it was “AEE”) in Vegas, probably around 1995. Booty in the House (the shot in the background) was a very early Wicked release, and this was before Wicked was big enough to have their own booth. In those days “General Video” probably bought 40-50% of the DVDs a company sold, unless they got a big Adam & Eve sale. (Adam & Eve did not make their own movies back then.)

Juli AshtonThe Juli Ashton photo here has perhaps a more interesting tale associated with it. On the first day of her first convention after signing with VCA, I was talking to the owner of the company when one of the “old boys” came up to complain. “Juli doesn’t look right,” the old dude whined. “She looks like she works here.”

“She does work here,” I explained, “and she just sold $300,000 worth of product. I’m asking Russ who should write the order up.”

Being ultimately an extremely nice man, Russ bowed to the scowls of his cohort and asked that Juli dress a little more “suggestively” in the future. We had brought nothing like that with us to Las Vegas, so the VCA art department head had some of the Michael Ninn wardrobe shipped in for Juli to wear. She looked fine, clearly, but you know Juli never made one more sale for VCA the entire trip? … Must have been a coincidence. … Latex came out in 1995, and VCA definitely had a big build up for the follow-up to Michael’s Sex (1994), so I’d put this shot at the same show as the Kaylan & Chasey one.

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