50 Ways in Risque Retrospect

50 Ways to Have Your Lover

Then we have Phaedra Alexis and Vicca. Vicca continues to have one of the best business brains I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with, and Phaedra … sigh … Phaedra. After a year of fairly intricate behind-the-scenes maneuvering, we ended up with the trifecta of major league deals for Phaedra. She had a deal with one of the two largest video companies, a deal with one of the two largest adult toy companies, and a deal as THE spokesmodel for one of the two largest adult television broadcast companies. All in place. All signed. … So why have you never heard of Phaedra Alexis? Well, it turns out you can buy a heck of a lot of trouble with a six-figure advance, and apparently vodka has a LOT of calories. I still shake my head when I think about Phaedra.


The Vicca pose here comes from a basically forgettable title from VCA called Indigo Nights. Aside from how stunning Vicca always looks (also to this day), the shoot had a hilarious side story. A vibrant redhead almost all of her career, Vicca shot this move with that same hair color. For some bizarre Russian reason (I figure) Vicca decided to dye her hair platinum blonde the day before the box cover shoot. As you might imagine, the art director rightly pitched a fit when Vicca arrived. After the lengthy tirade about Vicca now “not matching” the movie, the entire shoot shut down for hours as an assistant went all the way to Hollywood to get a high quality wig. As you can see, it was BLACK. … I have no idea why, but I certainly was not going to slow us all down even more by pointing that out. Nope. … Vicca looks great with black hair. (Not so good with blonde, actually, but she never really asked me, so she probably doesn’t care what I think.)

I also found an odd “List of 50” here when I opened the document, so presumably someone thinks everyone should see it. You should probably consider that a woman compiled this list, so the men out there might need to make some mental modifications, but we found it interesting here.

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