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[As an introduction to some video segments inappropriate for the free web, “el jefe” provided his take on the situation in the following manner. Techncially we should have a different “title” and a different “byline” for the rest of this story, but honestly we’re not big fans of form over substance around here. Just pretend, will you? It’s hardly the first time someone has asked you to do that in the adult movie world, after all. … But you have to JOIN to get these videos. Sorry about that.]

risque imageWell after an introduction as skeptical as we’ve just generated internally back on the first page of this post, I don’t think I need to say too much here. I will say that I’ve been on set with, and spoken to, Penny many times over the years, and she has always acted with exceptional ability and unnatural patience. That said, it takes a huge amount of confidence for a woman (particularly a young one) to want to get into the adult movie business. Almost all of them were among the most popular back home, but as with any professional sport, the higher you go in the ranks, the stiffer the competition becomes. (And you don’t even need to pardon that pun.)

We’ve covered this topic a lot on the site, so I see no reason to belabor the issue. Just think of it this way: Imagine that you (woman or man) had to go to work naked every day. And then imagine that every six months or so a whole new batch of 20-yr-olds kept coming into town, all of them trying to get your job. And then imagine that you only get to keep your job if you continue to look better first, and perform better second. There’s not a lot of future in that type of gig no matter how spectacular you happen to be. Further, if you have been making your living naked for some time, not only does it become more difficult to get any sort of “regular” job after the naked one ends, but you’ve set a standard of living for yourself that becomes almost impossible to maintain.

Even More Risque:  Kinzie Fox, Torrey Pines, et al.

risque imageThe few pictures we’ve included here happen to be of Devinn Lane, taken on a day early in her career with us as she was trying out new wardrobe at the office. A couple she took herself, and we took a couple of them. She actually did sit down to answer email in her underwear, and that happens to be my favorite photo of the bunch, for what that’s worth. Devinn seemed like the perfect illustration today because I personally consider her one of the most successful entertainers the industry has ever seen. She never got the “stardom” that many others achieved, but she worked extremely hard, and quite honestly, even though we helped, as did Wicked, Devinn’s drive, and motivation, and inspiration always came from within, no matter how much adversity she faced. I don’t know where Devinn happens to be in her life now, but I will say that I’m betting she’s still happy. The number of people that can maintain an honest persepective of themselves in this kind of environment would actually be smaller than the number of people that ever reach that elusive Super-Stardom I would say. Unlike a great many of the purely physical attributes one can acquire with the right doctor, you’d pretty much better bring your sanity in with you.

risque imageAll of that said, if Penny really does have some problem with sex, it certainly seems that perhaps she should try to live in another environment entirely — and leave the educational altruism to someone else. It doesn’t make any sense for an alcoholic to work in a liquor store. … Of course Sam Malone owned a bar. … Maybe it does simply mean that you can do anything on television.


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