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Twitter, Kristal mentioned, is one of her not-so-guilty pleasures! “I love Twitter!” she gushed. “It’s the first thing I look at every morning! Well, that and!” Tweeting with fans and friends is an excellent way to start the day! [Just to set your minds at ease, we already have our resident geeks working on different ways to pull Kristal’s Twitter feeds into the site. You’ve seen Cytherea’s over on her site, we presume? … If not, just do what D.Minion does when faced with giving us an answer she knows will not be popular: Lie to us.]

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One of her other pleasures is naked and bikini wrestling! Just back from a competitive wrestling match that she described as “kind of” real, Kristal said Randy Moore, a 5’8” woman, held her down as she tried to extricate herself from Randy’s holds. The petite blonde said that Ms. Moore is so sexy, she didn’t even mind all the bruises she’d acquired! [Hmmm. That pretty much sums up most of my former relationships too. Maybe we should have tried wrestling away our differences. … More to point, Kristal gave us some 2,000+ “wrestling” photographs to use (somewhere), and the folks not working on the Twitter Feeds are now figuring out what the heck to do with those.]

The first-rate Penthouse makeup team covered Kristal’s wrestling “boo boos” as well as the iconic pinup girl tattoo on her back. While Kristal has always insisted that the figure didn’t represent anyone in particular, the makeup department had orders to cover up any tat that could be considered a trade mark. [Charlie Lain has a tattoo of a Penthouse Key on her neck. Do you think she has to cover that?] So off it went! The newish skull tattoo on her foot could stay, though. Kristal told me she had it inked just because she likes skulls! [Clearly she also likes pain. Come to think of it, maybe she really should date Maverick. That certainly sounds like a painful concept, what with all the weird Brit things that would come along as a consequence, and she’d likely kill the poor lad, thus working skulls into the relationship. … See? We can figure anything out here. … For example, since these few photographs do not seem to have specific placements in mind, we have decided NOW would be an excellent place in which to use them.]

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