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I continued snapping photos as Kristal memorized her lines. In her scene, Kristal plays a woman who had a crush on Derrick Pierce in high school. However, because she had been a bit chunky (!), Mr. Pierce had never given her the time of day. After slimming down, finding Derrick on Facebook, and learning he was now a doctor, Kristal decides to go to his office for a checkup. … Bet y’all can’t guess what happens after that! The script said it was “Sexy Time!” [Dooo Do-Do-Do … can touch that … .]

Unfortunately, because of various rules and regulations, I was not allowed to photograph the sex. In addition, the big-wigs at Penthouse told me that my story and photos needed to be on the Free Side of Therefore, that’s where they are! [Will be.] (I am a VERY good listener!) However, before we left the studio, Ms. Summers gave us three discs filled with lots of naked-Kristal goodness! You’ll find those pictures posted on the pay side very soon! [Just out of curiosity, how many pictures of Kristal wrestling topless does it take before you get bored? More with the women than the dudes, right? … That’s the trouble with fetish content. If you really don’t understand it, you have a difficult time presenting it well. … Still, Kristal has great boobs, so presumably we have somewhere to begin at least.]

So please enjoy the PG photos of my beautiful buddy Kristal! (She still has the best tushy in the business!) We hope you enjoy her scene on, and we hope you decide to check out too!

We LOVE Very Social Media!!

[For the record, we should state that the Penthouse Executives had no problem with us covering Kristal’s entire shoot for her site, just so long as we used the “assets” — as it were — on FREE and not membership sides of the web. Since (as you can tell) we do not post even naked photos of people out where just anyone of any age might run across them on the web, you can understand our decision. We took what we could/would use on the free side, and then put the cameras away. … Technically that might be the only decision you understand today, come to think of it. We have absolutely no idea, for example, why Penthouse has a doll hanging upside down from the ceiling in their studio. Also, we do not really want to know. … And speaking of weird decisions in life … ]

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