Clefts for Thee Deity

Deft Clefts Denouement

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clefts for theeclefts for theeclefts for theeclefts for theeclefts for thee

Aside from the old friends I got to catch up with, one of the new performers really caught my attention. (And catching my attention, considering I’ve been on thousands of porn sets, really doesn’t happen that often, truth be told.) Her name was Capri Anderson, and while only time will tell whether or not she gets the breaks and attention she’ll need to make a real mark in the adult world, she definitely put a surprising twist on the weekend. While she did in fact remind a few of the aged among us of a young Chasey Lain, not only with the brown hair and blue eyes, but even more so with her mannerisms and voice inflections, Capri has something that for lack of a better term I’ll call Verve. Keep an eye on this one; not many women earn a description with a capital letter and italics, after all.

clefts for theeclefts for theeclefts for theeclefts for theeclefts for thee

Perhaps to illustrate the point, Capri happens to have (among several) an ornate tattoo on her lower leg. After a few hours of trying to figure out what the obscure script actually says, I finally relent and move up to take a close look. Ultimately I had decided that Capri has the word “Savory” elegantly inked on her leg, which to me seems like branding “Yummy” on a bacon double cheeseburger, but I’ve seen stranger things permanently affixed to beautiful bodies. As it turns out the tattoo says “Sammy” for a much more private reason, but Capri did say that she’d consider the “Savory” option at some point in the future.

I think she lied just to be polite.

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