Inairi Vachs, Devinn Lane, Cheyenne Silver

Life on Devinn Lane

Devinn LaneWe Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Men

by Leslie B. Anne

No Man’s Land 26 – part four

Orgies are good. Or at least they have their place certainly. One might tire of them should they happen too regularly, but it would be difficult — if not impossible — to recreate the pure sexual energy in any other situation.

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Inari Vachs

Inari Vachs on the Horizon

Inari VachsLate Breaking Nudes

Special to Risqué News
by Inari Vachs

It’s Friday afternoon. Manager Smith and I are on our way to Laughlin, NV to the annual Laughlin River Run where one can expect to find 80,000 bikers with the baddest Harleys ever seen. What business do I have with that many bikers? No, not another gang bang — get your heads out of the gutter — I was looking to buy a hog! [One presumes she wanted bacon? Personally I had a lot to learn on this little soirée. For example, this might be the first time in history anyone has ever used the term “soirée” and “hog” in the same story.] And I was also there with Julia Ann to promote Naughty Amateur Home Videos for Playboy TV, of course!

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Contract Stars for a Risque Business

Contract Stars

Lorraine Sisco[Nearly eight years to the day have passed since we first ran this story in the members’ section, but we were on set recently talking to a young woman considering a contract with a “new” company making lots of promises. We could have simply set her up with membership access and pointed her to the correct page on the site, but honestly it seemed easier just to post the story out in the free area. We have chosen our friend Lorraine “Tall Goddess” Sisco to illustrate the story because talking about paperwork and promises can be, well, just about as exciting as it sounds. Pictures of pretty people always help. Also, Lorraine happens to provide topical relevance as you will see should you decide to read along. Bet you can hardly wait…] Continue Reading Risque

Not Pictured: Dane Cross

Dane Cross Deigns to be Great

Ready for Dane CrossBeing on Kristal II — still kind of

by Steve

The second scene involved Kristal and male star Dane Cross, who had arrived just after the first scene wrapped. Barrett Blade was directing. I’ve seen him around for years, but never met him. With his spiked blond hair and tats, he looked like he might be trouble, but as happens so often in porn, he couldn’t have been a nicer guy. [Technically he could have been nicer by requesting that Kristal give Steve a big ol’ kiss on the mouth, but things probably worked out for the best. Focus can occasionally become an issue when writers get thrust into the photographer role. We probably should not try and thrust them into anything else.]

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