Devinn Lane's Legs

The Jamie Huxley Conundrum

Devinn LaneLanding in for a Coming

by Nobody Special

You know how every once in a while you get a feeling that golly an orgasm would feel good right about now?

And you know how as you head up the stairs to your nice comfy bed on which to accomplish this helpful goal you sometimes think, “Oh, goodness. I just can’t walk another eight steps, so I should stop right here on the landing and masturbate immediately.” … You know that one?

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The “Forbitten” Miko Lee

relaxing with miko leeForbitten 2 — The Sex

by D.Minion

[If you missed it, the link to part one of this story will be at the bottom of this page (well, in the members’ section). You might want to read about the event in order, or you may not be as anal as, say, D.Minion, and that might not matter to you much. Fortunately in our business, being decidedly anal can be a good thing.] Finally the preliminaries were over. It was time for the sex to begin! Yee haw! Shayla, Raquel, and Tommy had been flirting with each other all morning, and they were ready to tear each others’ clothes off! [You can’t really tell it from this picture, but we’re sure that’s what they are all thinking at this particular moment in time.]

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Monique Alexander, Charlie Laine (cuddling) Penny Flame

Porn Years

Monique Alexander, Charlie Laine, Penny Flame[As regular perusers of the free risque “tour” can attest, we will often run articles out here that ran with their more explicit illustration many years ago. Generally something current reminds us of something back then, so we will look up the original piece and pull it out again for free display. To be clear, Charlie and Penny have both long retired at this point, although one can still find Monique (with many more tattoos) on the rare set now and again. Still, beautiful naked women never go out of style, even though hair styles — in all the bodily locale, btw— might. Famous people get to be young and flawless forever, both a blessing and a curse, perhaps. At any rate, onward…]

Of Puppies and Porn Stars

by Theo Rem

So let’s do a little math. [OK. I confess that this would qualify as an odd beginning for an article on a predominantly adult site, even for us.]

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Risque Commune Conviviality

Risque Commune Socks it to YouTube Socks Soiree

by Jockey Hanes

Between all of the people in the office, we have been on thousands of adult movie sets. No exaggeration. Thousands. … Think about that. Only a very small percentage of people on the planet have seen the diversity of sexual expression that we have. Granted, we see only the “professional” realm, only the “acceptable” (read: legal) forms of libidinous interaction between consenting adults, but that still leaves a vast memory universe. Basically, we have seen a whole lotta boobs.

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