Holly West Saving Face

Saving Face a la Risque

[As mentioned should you have happened to get here via a direct or social media promotion, we’re doing a bit of training here, essentially demonstrating how presentation can affect impact, and thus ultimately success. Should you have spent some time on ReelRisque.com, you may have already seen this article. Of course, should you be a Risqué Member, you will already learned about Saving Face way back on a Friday the 13th right before Tax Day in April. Should you be approaching this fresh, by the way, that last detail may prove helpful.]

Hunter BryceA Point of Presentation

by Faciem Pulchra

We did not accidentally pick Friday, April 13th as the perfect day to debut our new Risqué Table of Contents featuring Hunter Bryce; no we did not. A great many Americans could well feel this exact sentiment on this weekend before taxes are due, after all. Of course none of us can really go down to our local Internal Revenue Service branch — or whatever equivalent we may have near us — and start yelling out things like, “In your face!”

Yeah, well, so we probably could do that, but it really would likely not qualify as an excellent idea in many books. But golly would it not feel nice, though? Consequently, we came up with something to serve as a (hopefully) major distraction while maintaining our dedication to the theme.

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50 Ways in Risque Retrospect

50 Ways to Have Your Lover

Young Anais AlexanderRisque Retrospect

by Nobody Special

Gee. You spend a few days focusing on sex therapists and educators — and how their web needs might differ from more typically “adult” fare — and when you come back you have all sorts of weird things on your desk (or these days in your “electronic in-box” I suppose). In a manner of brief back-story, we should explain that for some completely unexplainable reason someone decided to clean out the center console on the truck that has been in risqué service since, well, since the beginning of Risqué Time. While that little collection of trivia will not hit the web for another week or so, the action did spawn a bit of “drawer examination” by some busy little beavers. (That expression might be much more humorous once you know that these were all women on the prowl. Or maybe it’s offensive. Who can keep track?)

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Eric Masterson and Wendy Divine

Wendy Divine & The Pizza Man

Wendy Divine“My First Porno” | Scn 2

by Virgin Kristal

Photo shoots, photo shoots, photo shoots. Hot girls — including Wendy Divine pictured here — in various poses making the men all drool. [To be accurate, that would be almost all the men, and more than a few of the women, each of whom ended up with quite active salivary glands — and perhaps a few other active glans as well.]

When you think of bondage, what kind of girl do you imagine? [Honestly, at this point, we think non sequitur.] Well, I can tell you right now: You’re wrong. It’s not always some pale, dangerous, dark-haired woman, carrying a whip and wearing latex — the type you wouldn’t take home to mom. Think instead: "America’s Little Sweetheart." The girl next door that you would never imagine to be bound nude, tortured, and enjoying every second of it. That’s what happens to be the case here. Nobody expected Miss Kristal Summers to be into nipple clamps and hog-ties. Even the gay makeup artist gets taken aback. [Yeah, well, live with Kristal for a while. You’ll be amazed at the stories she tells, and more than thrilled at how little clothing she wears at home.]

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Featuring Viki La Vie

Viki La Vie La Dulce

Lexi BelleLost in Translation

by William Furry

As you go through life, you will learn that what appear to be small, insignificant, things to the vast majority of people may appear to be almost glowing with substance to others. Thus, the elders here noticed the itty-bitty sign in the background of that Viki La Vie “Caught Our Eye” shot while most people likely found themselves looking at the stunning Viki La Vie in the not-particularly-ladylike pose. Go figure.

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