Tori Black for Risque

The Ninn Nymphetamine

Jenna HazeRocks of Ages

by Nobody Special


“Can I squat?” asks the predictably nubile lass in the early morning sun.

“You can do whatever you want. This is your day. We’re just hangin’ with you for a bit,” comes Mr. Ninn’s immediate reply.

Thus begins another episode in the quirky life of Michael Ninn, er, IMNINN, er … whatever. (Geniuses often lead confusing lives. Have you noticed?)

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Ginger Lynn Performing SFW Sucking

Ginger Lynn Regaling Adult Radio

Modern Ginger LynnGinger Lynn Impaneled and Empowered

by D.Minion

Porn stars and Internet Radio/Podcasts just seem to go together. The combination of sensual, bubbly, intelligent women talking about sex, paired with the Federal Communications Commission having no jurisdiction over the shows, make a perfect match.  I’ve been “in love” with Internet Radio for years; my good buddies Juli Ashton and Tiffany Granath had an incredible show on Sirius/XM Playboy Radio, while my other good buddies Dee, Cytherea, and Kylie Ireland had equally magnificent shows on KSEX Radio. [Given Sophie’s Choice amongst friends, D.Minion would let them all die — including herself — just so we’re clear.]

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Priya Rai in Blue & Orange

Priaya Rai in Blue & Orange, Baby!

Priya Rai surrounded by Blue and OrangeEd vs. Op Ed

by Edit Oreal

Even around the Risqué halls, current events will sometimes force their way into a topic of conversation. While we tend to avoid political discourse — for many reasons, not the least of which being a common dearth of beautiful naked people — we rather freely lapse into football conversations. Truth be told a couple of us “lapse” altogether too much for the tastes of some of the folks — color them less enlightened — in the office, but as with any aficionado on any topic, we always manage to quite happily ignore them. It’s a gift.

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Daisy Marie for Mexicants

Call it Mexicants

Daisy MarieThe “C” Word

by Nobody Special

Back when I was a kid — this being slightly after electricity, but well before everybody carried around lithium batteries in their pockets — there was … drum roll pleasethe “F” WORD. And people certainly did not say this word. Ever. And if you were a person still living at home, you probably could not even scream in frustration, “Oh! F-WORD!!” … Because even if you were technically not violating any rules, per se, your mother might know what you meant, and back when I was a kid, mothers definitely did not have a sense of humor about some things. And if your dad happened to laugh when you made this well thought out — and daringly clever, no doubt — “curse” of yours, well, both you and your dad might have to hightail it out of there and go visit Dairy Queen while things cooled off at home. … Y’know, theoretically.

As with most things it seems, then life got complicated.

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