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Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff

5/30/10 Can you look back at any particular group of days in your life and think, “You know, that was really, really good … “? We assume that almost all of us can do that, and if you can’t, well we’re sincerely very sorry for you. That said, you should really get about setting up one of those times for yourself, and we’ve helpfully provided some suggestions here today. Just as a hint: It helps if you can bring along a few beautiful porn stars. Having someone else foot the bill turns out to be important too. Things definitely don’t go better with broke. [FEATURED TAGS: Vicca, Nikita, Lola, Doria, Heather Hunter, Lexus Locklear]
See? If you end up in jail, you should take Lexus Locklear with you.
5/28/10 Advertising Campaigns don’t usually set themselves up as themes in our little Risqué Commune world, but they do seem rather prevalent around here over the past month or so. Consequently, when we decided to keep plodding though all the Dee at KSEX Coverage, the slight (but ever-so-beautiful) bonus at the conclusion became interestingly appropriate. Also, assuming things go according to plan, we’ve now set the stage for a more significant Advertising Campaign Contribution in the future. Of course according to plan always seems to be the wild card around here. One thing about it, our lives are never boring. [FEATURED TAGS: KSEX Radio, Dee, Kinzie Kenner, Lexie L’Amour, Stella]
Dee Campaigning of a Different Sort
5/23/10 If you’ll pardon the potentially politically incorrect influence for a moment, we’ll tell you that although we’ve shown all manner of “chicks” around here, this might be the first time we’ve actually shown you chickens. And what, you might wonder, do chickens have to do with Maverick’s observations (and various levels of stalking) with Days 3 & 4 of the most recent AEE? Well, we would tell you, should we deign to answer such a reasonable question, not so much really. On the other hand in this case they do work as a metaphor for the condition that arises when you take a boy out of his normal element and he seeks to commune with nature. Being potentially politically incorrect can be pretty deep it seems. [FEATURED TAGS:, Lexi Love, Tori Black, Nyomi Banxxx, Gina Lynn, Nina Hartley, Bree Olsen, Sasha Grey, Jana Jordan, Belladonna, Sunny Lane, Kaylani Lei, Kayden Kross, Monique Alexander, Alexis Texas, Raven Alexis, Sunset Thomas, Shauna Sand, Kelli McCarty, Sunny Leone, AJ Bailey, Riley Steele, Julia Ann, Raylene, Teagan Presley, Exclusive Video]
It's a chicken. Did you think we were kidding?
5/20/10 I wanted to call this “Cytherea Flies Solo Anew” but D.Minion said that would be overly erudite. (Yeah, she talks like that.) Of course “anew” she wouldn’t go for it. … Now how’s that for not overly erudite? … We should probably get to the story. It’s always a bit scary when we start making editorial comments before the author even gets a chance to start the actual article about which we sit posed to comment. … Hmm. Maybe we can be overly erudite. … Ah, well, Too erudite is human. To eschew sublime.  [FEATURED TAGS: Cytherea, Exclusive Video ]
Cytherea Preparing for Take-Off
5/14/10 Confounded you may be by the conceptual alliteration levied today, although you should find it fairly easy to ignore the intrusion into a part of your brain you weren’t seeking to stretch at this time. It’s the latest in the Shayla scenario, and that fairly well covers all the important part. Should you feel particularly erudite, you may also enjoy D.Minion’s Intelligence Quotient contribution, although we’ll tell you right up front that if you happen to be an English Major who grew up on a farm, it will enhance the likelihood of your success.  [FEATURED TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Video, Brynn Tyler Video]
Lovin' Ms. LaVeaux
5/10/10 Quick to correct a cultural error, we are. And talk like Yoda, we might. On the other hand, in case you’re curious, we also understand The Trouble with Tribbles. Of course that doesn’t do much to explain the rather festive lesbian liaison we have on tap today between Paola Rey and Marlie Moore, but how much explaining does that really need anyway. Heck it’s probably in the part you just skip over anyway. For what it’s worth, we’d advise against that, honestly. “Once you start down the Dark Path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you it will.”  [FEATURED TAGS: Paola Rey, Marlie Moore]
Paola and Marlie, Pre Festivities
5/8/10 Have you ever seriously considered doing something just because it sounds fun, even if pure logic would probably recommend against the idea? And then have you ever considered that this illogical idea probably sounds “fun” just because it will involve regular interaction with a spectacularly sexy woman? And have you cared? … Well, we’re big fans of sexy women around here, and although we haven’t quite “decided’ what precisely we’re going to do, odds seem good that you’ll enjoy the thought process here. [FEATURED TAGS: Audrey Hollander, Kimberly Kane, Madison Scott, Erica McLean]
More Spectacular in its Larger Version
5/5/10 Naturally we celebrate Cinco de Mayo every year around here. We’re deep believers in the benefits of cross-cultural understanding, the recognition of world history, and the progressive evolution that marks the ongoing transcendence of the human spirit as it seeks its peaceful nirvana. Also, we pretty much go for anything that includes a party with tequila and guacamole dip. Now our newest risqué office member put together the post for today, and we’ll freely admit that he may have missed the entirely accurate mark. Just as soon as we recover from the cerveza tomorrow we’re going to do a little bit of explaining to him too. Still, what we lack in technical accuracy we more than make up for in raucous conviviality. [FEATURED TAGS: Jessi Palmer Video]
Jessi Palmer Adding to the Fiesta
5/2/10 Porn Stars can actually teach us a lot. Now we’d be the first to admit that not everything they can teach us will turn out to be extraordinarily valuable on a regular basis, but any artisan can tell you that a lot of truly fine work in the world starts with simply possessing the right tools for the job. And let’s face it: Who can really tell us better how to handle uncomfortable questions or situations than a Porn Star? And given Dee’s attire during the contribution today, we’re reasonably certain you won’t care if you ever have a reason to put any of the more erudite recommendations to use anyway.  [FEATURED TAGS: Dee]
Not a Typical Teacher