Audrey Hollander for Risque Luck

Risque Luck on Friday the 13th

Personal Insights

Friday the 13th seemed like a good day for a chap named “Lucky” to come clean for a moment. So we’re going to spend some time on a difficult subject for any of us that have been fired from a job in our lives. If you don’t understand this concept, consider yourself fortunate (“Lucky” being already taken around here), and just realize that these days are probably not the fondest you’ll recall whenever you take out a little time for retrospect.

It happened on the last Michael Ninn shoot, and I’m really trying to feel bad about it. Really. Swear.

You see, D.Minion had a bunch of work to do capturing video to the edit machines for Michael, so I said I’d cover the first couple of days of the shoot. The Ninn Worx team was shooting a movie starring Phoenix Ray called (at least for the moment) Phoenix Rising, and they were to begin the actual shooting of Michael’s big Film for the year called Catherine — show you may recall hearing about. Now I began with the best of intentions, and I took pictures. See?

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In Mexico with Juli Ashton

Cam Shows Archive

Beaten (and quite stirred)

You know, we felt like we’d exhausted all of the frivolous excuses to show you more installments from Dee’s Cam Shows that you missed, and just because Kristal and Mr. Marcus were there in this particular instance, and Carol happened to be in town to authenticate the experience, didn’t seem to help cut it as a viable excuse either. Add to that the fact that some people still seem to be having trouble with the video files, despite really, really benevolent intentions at this end, and we found ourselves up the proverbial creek …. (Have you ever noticed that proverbs never really make you feel altogether wonderful about your particular situation? There’s probably a message in there somewhere ….)

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Anais — A Matter of “Choice”

Somebody’s Daughter

The calendar reads “Fathers’ Day” as I write this, and it gives me “Pa’s” to reflect. (Even on quiet Sunday mornings, approaching rather more serious issues than would be our “usual,” one must always take time out for a proper pun when the opportunity presents itself.) Despite the regular trials and tribulations of everyday life, there are moments when the issue of Family rears its head, forcing us to consider our place in the cosmos. I find this most generally occurs with me on mornings after I have consumed too many “fruity-sorbet vodka” drinks at a barbeque the day before, but that may just be coincidence.

What caught my attention this morning, after an engrossing need to find Excedrin, actually, was my own father’s traditional valediction marking the end of each of our phone calls over the past dozen years or so. “Talk to you later,” he says. “We love you. Take care of yourself. Get a different job.”

That’s my dad. I love him too.

Anais for RisqueRoutinely, I sat down at my keyboard, intending to draw up conditions for a proposed exclusive contract for Anais. Then I was to go about coding the next set of pictures the office prepared for our members, these oddly enough from a scene in My First Porno, a movie starring two additional Risqué clients at the time, Inari Vachs and Kristal Summers. I had some bookkeeping that I needed to get through, a couple of scripts to read to see if any of my girls might fit into them. And my office at home has been crying for a cleaning so long that its throat is hoarse. Then, I started thinking, and (just so you know) that’s never really a good thing.

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Hamster Time

Hamster Time — Can’t Touch This …

Kristal’s Beau in “Teau”

Every so often you just have to clear out some files and put up some of what you’ve been meaning to for some time. Today, apparently, would be one of those days. We’ve got a bit of “miscellanea” floating around with no real place to put it, so we put it all in one place.

First, it seems Kristal has a new potential beau in “teau” that dropped his “hamster” audition by the office. We chose to show it to you. Who knew there could be this many mechanical hamsters floating around the retail stores? Then, awhile back Juli talked about “doing an entire battalion” of patriotic Americans, and we wondered just exactly what that meant. A fine and helpful member wrote us to clarify our confusion. We love that. Then, there’s the little family responsibility that we feel, even though “rocks” and “getting your rocks off” don’t necessarily go together. Those of you that have mothers, which we assume to be the majority, will understand the blatant sibling plug and forgive us our direction outside the strictly adult world. Finally, we thought we’d share an unsolicited email from a Japanese Inari fan. With all the writing we do, we often wonder if anyone takes the time to read it. It doesn’t stop us from writing, obviously, but we do continue to wonder. This fine example of detente fills us with satisfaction and hope. Having been filled with much worse on occasion over the years, it seemed an uplifting way to conclude.

Never fear, though. We’ll return soon with our regularly scheduled nudity …

Ciao for niao.

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