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July 2017 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff

7/31/17 chalkboardIn the middle of trying to explain to Millennials — with a capital “M” because goodness knows you’d never want to hurt the feelings of a group that has always received a trophy just for showing up — what the Risqué Philosophy stands for, and how we apply it in a quite practical sense, we started running across, well, basically stunning examples of just how astounding the American culture used to be a half a century ago. Honestly, it can make you quiver and laugh, be amazed and ashamed all at the same time — sort of like really great sex if you think about it. [STAR TAGS: Ginger Lynn, Angel, Tori Black]
7/30/17 Angela Stone


Shades of GUSH

[STAR TAGS: Cytherea Video, Lauren Phoenix Video, Mia Smiles Video, Paulina Video, Isabella Video, Phoenix Ray Video, Natalia Wood Video]

7/28/17 Karma


Karma Come Here Me On | Pics

[STAR TAGS: Karma]

7/26/17 Jamie Huxley


Landing in for a Coming | vid

[STAR TAGS: Jamie Huxley Video]

7/23/17 Lacie James


Joslyn James – Randi Wright – Daisy Ducati – Angel Vain – Lacie James – Alix Lovell

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

7/22/17 Janine, Chasey, ShaylaTalking to young people can be fun. One can respond to a surprising number of quizzical expressions with the simple statement, “Well, I wasn’t always this old.” … Have you ever watched a movie, or heard a news report, or even seen a simple photograph and thought to yourself, “There is no way on earth I was ever, ever that dumb?” … Well, we haven’t either, and even if we had, we couldn’t admit it because some Millennial might get their little feelings hurt. Vintage indeed. [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Video, Chasey Lain, Keri Windsor, Alex Jordan Video, Janine, Shanna McCullough, Tammi Ann, Missy]
7/19/17 Holly Kiss


Whatever Suits Holly

[STAR TAGS: Holly Kiss Exclusive Video,]

7/17/17 Shayla with Peter


Poke Shayla Alley

[STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Video]

7/15/17 Angelina


A Moment Without Hesitation | pics

[STAR TAGS: Angelina]

7/12/17 Renna RyanWe spend our lives dealing with the impact of time. We have to wait too long for it to pass. It passes too quickly. We can’t remember enough of the details we need to. We can’t forget nearly as much as we’d like. Bottom line: Time can be a real Bitch. With a capital B. … So without putting too much of a Life Philosophy (with two capital letters) spin on it, we will simply say that whoever coined the expression Carpe Diem, clearly had many, many naked women in mind. Otherwise what would be the point? [STAR TAGS: Amber Lynn Video, Angel Video, Tracey Adams Video, Victoria Zdrok, Renna Ryan, Michael Ninn]
7/9/17 Tara Morgan


Tara Morgan – Alice Lighthouse – Lexxxi Nicole – Chanell Heart – Emma Snow – Brooklyn Daniels

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

7/8/17 Puma Swede & Jessica Jaymes


Legging for Mercy | pics & vid

[STAR TAGS: Jessica Jaymes Video, Puma Swede Video]

7/4/17 DeeSurprising as it may seem, you do not often get to watch honest-to-goodness, down-to-her-toes, female orgasms on screen very much these days. Fortunately on a particularly celebratory occasion, this will not be one of those days — at least for Risque Members — as we share Dee as she shares with us. We think of it as Safe and Sane Fireworks of the most intimate variety. Celebrate! … Wasting tea optional. [STAR TAGS: Dee Exclusive Video, Kristal Summers, Devinn Lane]
7/3/17 Steven St. Croix and Julia AnnMichael Raven chose Paradise Lost to serve as an inspiration for an adult movie. Ironically, that ended up being an apt description of our path through the coverage of it — well, the “lost” part, not the every decision being fraught with the peril of eternal damnation part. All in all, despite losing a key author along the way, we have upheld the Risqué Tradition of insight with a healthy dose of humor along the way. For the record, we have no idea how long it took Mr. Milton to write the original manuscript, but we feel fairly confident that it was faster than the period of time that it took to finish our coverage of Mr. Raven’s movie. Never hurry beautiful naked women, though. We learned that all on our own. [STAR TAGS: Kristal Summers, Julia Ann Video]
7/1/17 Carter Cruise


Honoring the Reel Inspiration | pics

[STAR TAGS: Carter Cruise]

December 2015 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff

12/31/15 Kristal SummersAs the year comes to a close, almost every media or news organization does some sort of “year in review” kind of program, which they follow with a “this year will be different in this way…” sort of thing. In our little part of California they did a survey where 55% of the people’s highest hope would be a new “forever home” for all the rescue animals out there. This seems nice until you read that coming in at #2 were 22% of the folks who most desired shelter for homeless people. … We’re not filled with optimism here, so we’re sticking with a Kristal Summers Naked Camshow. Everyone should see the value in that. Sometimes we worry about society in general. We really do. [STAR TAGS: Kristal Summers Exclusive Video]
12/27/15 Shayla, Cytherea, Cheyenne


Shayla Day!

[STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux, Cytherea, Cheyenne Silver]

12/27/15 Samantha Rone


Lacie James – Katie Summers – Samantha Ryan – Justine Joli – Savana Ginger – Samantha Rone

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

12/25/15 Bunch of Jolly PeopleWe should be honest on Christmas, so let’s just admit that not all old elves can be jolly. Some of us need to work over the holidays because web servers seem to be quite disrespectful when it comes to celebration, seemingly waiting until nearly everyone has left for distant festive locations before deciding to invite all the digital gremlins inside and throwing a big kegger. This year, however, all has been quiet thus far — which probably just means that we should not even have mentioned it. … Consequently feel free to look for “Presence” ‘neath the tree[STAR TAGS: Kaylan Nicole Video, Silvia Ryder Video]
12/23/15 Kylie Ireland with Ambition


Adult Toys for a Box

[STAR TAGS: Kylie Ireland Video]

12/22/15 Chantelle FoxTechnically this should be a “Commune Carnivale” update for 247AdultStars, but somehow in scheduling Naughty Nurse Chantelle to appear on her birthday we thought the 247 crew might at least mention this fact. Silly us. Those Brits can be odd ducks. … Still, suitably mortified, we assured Dear Maverick that we would not put anything up on his site that would embarrass him in any way. Nope. That would be wrong. [STAR TAGS: Chantelle Fox Exclusive Video,]
12/21/15 Alexis Texas


A Woman to Blame

[STAR TAGS: Alexis Texas Video]

12/20/15 Anita Blue


Dayton Rains – Melissa Jacobs – Anita Blue – Adessa Winters – Jenna Jay – Daisy Ducati

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

12/19/15 The Young Grey GooseConsider it the AOL Acquaintance that we would really like to forget. As the holiday metronome begins in earnest its swing between panic and exhaustion, we can all benefit from a little perspective — y’know, or eggnog with Brandy, something like that. We can also look back and realize an important lesson in life: Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted. Happy [insert appropriate holiday season here] y’all. [STAR TAGS: Kayla Louise Exclusive Video, Alex Grey, Juli Ashton,]
12/18/15 Aurora Snow


Let It Snow| pics & vid

[STAR TAGS: Aurora Snow Video]

12/17/15 Norma JeaneTruth be told, we have no idea why most of us believe that one “dog year” equals seven human years. It could be that some science backs up the theory, or it could be simply that if you multiply 12-15 by 7, you get a number that would make a pretty old human. We DO know, however, that “web years” make dog years seem like eons. You go to what the web looked like seven years ago, and your most likely reaction will be EEEK! On the upside, some things transcend time, and we happen to have a lot of them. Of course whenever someone comes up and says, “I’d like to teach the world to sing,” it always makes us hum. For the record, that doesn’t happen very often anymore. [STAR TAGS: Norma Jeane Video, Kaylan Nicole Video, Shayla LaVeaux, Alexis DeVell]
12/16/15 Jill Kelly, Shayla, Emmanuelle


Just a Little Schoolgirl DP

[STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Video, Jill Kelly Video, Emmanuelle Video, Michael Ninn]

12/13/15 Britney Young


Tara Holiday – Kelly Nichols – Britney Young – Jenna Ivory – Joslyn James – Chanell Heart

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

12/12/15 Kylie on the Radio


Joe Bob’s Jack Shack (#48)

[STAR TAGS: Kylie Ireland Audio]

12/11/15 Ava Rose, Courtney Cummz, Gabby Quinteros


Lez B Antics | pics & vid

[STAR TAGS: Ava Rose Video, Courtney Cummz Video, Gabby Quinteros Video]

12/9/15 Stella Cox


Holiday Heatings

[STAR TAGS: Kayla Louise Exclusive Video,]

12/7/15 Chasey LainSometimes people remember dates for a couple of different reasons, and sometimes those two reasons raise conflicting emotions. Most people remember today as a somber reminder of how small the world could be even back in 1941. Some of us might be amazed that most “official” estimates still tally more than 2,000 survivors from those initial attacks. Certainly the world can be a frighteningly small place sometimes. … A much smaller number of us celebrate Chasey Lain’s birthday on this date as well, and in more reflective moments at least, still whisper a quiet thanks that she too has survived another year. True friends are very rare, even in a very crowded planet. We should tell them more often of their importance to us. Rumor has it we will not have that chance forever. [STAR TAGS: Chasey Lain, Capri Anderson Video, Mia Lina Video, Michael Ninn]
12/6/15 Alice McMunn - "Malice"


Gina West – Sheena Rose – Alice McMunn – Randi Wright – Nicki Hunter – Marley Blaze

… And that’s just from Ginger’s past week, not including — of course — new movies, video podcasts, and Ginger’s Diary from her career

12/4/15 Charlie LaineLet’s consider directing our own adult movie today. True, we do not presently have the juice necessary to promise anyone that we might be of great benefit to them in their goal of becoming an adult movie director, but we have had that power in the past, and one never knows the future (otherwise the Detroit Lions would have no fans at all). Still, even if someone else helps you reach your Dirty Director goals, we can still provide some excellent things to consider as you approach the career. Of course we do tag on to the ReelRisque illustration of Charlie Laine and Karlie Montana too, so maybe that would technically be the excellent thing, and our advice would fall merely to good. That makes sense. We can live with that. [STAR TAGS: Charlie Laine, Karlie Montana]
12/4/15 Charlie & Karlie


Rhyme with a Reason | vid

[STAR TAGS: Charlie Laine Video, Karlie Montana Video]

12/2/15 Kylie Ireland on Jerry Pike and vice versa


Good Ol’ Cherry Jerry

[STAR TAGS: Kylie Ireland Video] 

April 2015 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff

4/29/15 Shayla LaVeaux


Flagin’ with the Dragon

[STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video, Kylie Ireland Video, Jessica Drake Video, Nina Hartley Video]

4/26/15 Cytherea


A (Camel) Toe in the Water

[STAR TAGS: Cytherea Exclusive Video, Ginger Lynn]

4/24/15 Kiera King


Cosmic Connections of the Carnal Variety

[STAR TAGS: Kiera King,]

4/23/15 Derrick Pierce and London KeyesAll over the world quiet little behind-the-scenes network geeks constantly work to improve performance and security when it comes to making purchases online. Most of the time they make changes that almost nobody notices, but they strive in virtual anonymity to make our modern world a safer place — without any cool costumes or superpowers or anything. Occasionally when this happens it can mess up some beautiful code that we “front end” people created often years ago, and although things still work properly, they do not appear the same way they used to. Of course the silly women in the risqué commune think that looks count, so we’ve suddenly found ourselves doing a bunch of graphics and code work that almost no one will ever see. For the record, we love making the ladies happy, but this whole Nobody Will Ever Know stuff is just crazy-talk. … [STAR TAGS: London Keyes Video, Cytherea]
4/22/15 Chantelle Fox


Wet and Willing at Least

[STAR TAGS: Chantelle Fox Exclusive Video,]

4/17/15 Marley Blaze


Blazing Hot (No Saddles)

[STAR TAGS: Marley Blaze,]

4/15/15 Faye ReaganWhenever you do something for a living, at least if you have done it for a few years, you develop a certain appreciation for others that do the same job. Of course when you write for a living it can be a little disconcerting when on pretty much a daily basis you may find someone that does your job particularly well, occasionally even with rare excellence. … Consequently, rather than try and put our own spin on tax day this year, we concede the contest and humbly tip our collective hats to the writers for the Jimmy Fallon show who gave us a sterling insight this week: “Thank you Tax Day for combining the fun of doing paperwork with the threat of going to jail.” … Of course if we actually wore hats that would probably mean more. [STAR TAGS: Faye Reagan Video]
4/13/15 Faye Taylor


A British Diner in an American Diner

[STAR TAGS: Faye Taylor Exclusive Video,]

4/11/15 Shayla LaVeauxWe do not often do “explanations” per se, for a deceptively simple reason: Even if we did them only on those “when called for” occasions, we’d still spend the majority of our time trying to clarify what we were doing in the then by definition minority of the time. Not only does that sound unpleasant, it also sounds really, really boring. We make a slight exception today, however, since giving the “411 on 4/11” seems like just the sort of thing we would do. [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Video, Julia Ann Video, Janine Video, Dyanna Lauren Video, Shane Video, Chasey Lain Video, Summer Knight Video, Tiffany Mynx Video, Lacy Rose Video, Ona Zee Video, Diedre Holland Video, Lena Video, Alex Jordan Video]
4/10/15 Jackie Avalon


American Dulce de Leche

[STAR TAGS: Jackie Avalon,]

4/9/15 Kylie Ireland, Lyndon Johnson, Steve Drake


Jeep Trick

[STAR TAGS: Kylie Ireland Video, Lynden Johnson Video]

4/7/15 Cassie Laine


Nether Regions — FlyCAM

[STAR TAGS: Cassie Laine Exclusive Video,]

4/6/15 Chantelle FoxCall them Tub Travails. Call them Faucet Foibles. Call them simply Water Woes. … When a group of ever-the-helpful Americans try to teach an itty-bitty British porn star how to enjoy a bathtub fixture in a singularly expressive way, well, turns out it helps if they did not design the tub for soaking. We’d call it Masturbatory Malfeasance, but we probably have enough terms to satisfy Chantelle Fox already. She certainly wasn’t satisfied any other way. [STAR TAGS: Chantelle Fox Exclusive Video]
4/3/15 Brooke Haven


Cowgirl Clit

[STAR TAGS: Kaylee Rayne,]

4/2/15 Kylie on the Radio


Everything was Vibrating (#45)

[STAR TAGS: Kylie Ireland Audio, Cricket Audio]

4/1/15 Capri Anderson & TenayaWe love learning things around here, which quite honestly hardly qualifies as the most bizarre fact about Risque. That said, we just learned that should one be in Georgia, one cannot legally carry an ice cream cone in one’s back pocket, if it happens to be a Sunday. … Good to know. … We also learned that should one be a bisexual Porn Valley Performer, someone has to be your first on-screen lesbian experience. Tenaya, for example, chose Capri Anderson as hers and members get to watch. … Suddenly that no ice cream in the back pocket limitation does not seem nearly as onerous. [STAR TAGS: Tenaya Video, Capri Anderson Video]

December 2014 Risque | What’s New

… With appropriate credit to Garth:

Back when the Old Stuff was New Stuff


Anyone can put together a boring old “year in review” sort of thing, and other than making you sad for all the people that died, they really don’t stick with you much. Think about it: How many things reviewed in 2013 do you still recall? … Taking our typically atypical approach at risqué, though, we have attempted what we hope will be a much more memorable exercise, that being a Rear In Review. Already adds a whole new dimension to rear view mirror, does it not? [STAR TAGS: ?]

Bye Bye 2013

If you happy to be friends with Shayla LaVeaux, you get to celebrate a lot at the end of December because she also has a birthday then. And for the record, never once has anyone even claimed to us that she was actually born in the spring. So that makes her really special! You [keep] Go[ing] Girl!  [STAR TAGS: Shayla LaVeaux Exclusive Video]


Shayla LaVeaux

Mele Kalikimaka … Feliz Navidad … Joyeux Noël … Frohe Weihnachten … Meri Kuri … even (allegedly) … Sheng Dan Kuai Le and С Рождеством … That certainly doesn’t cover everything, but it splatters it a bit, and many would say that’s essentially what we’re about around here at Risqué. … Basically, Merry Christmas, everyone, unless we can’t say that anymore either in which case, SHHHH[STAR TAGS: Caroline Pierce]

Merry Christmas

We must confess to being more than a little disappointed to learn that the trophy for our favorite college bowl game — “The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl” — happens to be literally a bowl perfect for filling with potatoes. Worse yet, nowhere on this pedantic interpretation of the event does the trophy have engraved what should obviously be the event motto: This Spud’s for You. … No one ever really asks our opinion about important matters. It’s hard to believe, right? On the upside, commune friends do send Holiday Greetings, and we get to pass them along. [STAR TAGS: Cytherea Video, Stella Cox Exclusive Video,]

Stella Cox

You take four little words, say, Play Misty for Me, and you might come up with a surprisingly scary movie from a decade when people tended to pretend that Fonzi was tough. Change those four little words around, however, to Play for Me Misty and you get an entirely different feel for the experience — as it were. All in all, we like our version better. Clint probably would too, should anyone ask him. [STAR TAGS: Juli Ashton Video, Kylie Ireland Video, Misty Rain Video, Caressa Savage Video, Felecia Video, Kim Kitaine Video, Sindee Coxx Video, Lucky Video]

Risque Leader and Distraction

We basically had to post on this day, because we’d have to wait 100 years for another 12-13-14 to come along, and who knows what will look like after another century? If nothing else, that column of years and months that serves as an index will be one truly complicated sucker. So with Kylie being ever the romantic, Cytherea giving us a potential reason not to hate traveling, and Maverick sharing adorable U.K. star Cate Harrington, we decided to go for it this year. Naturally this post should have gone live at exactly 10:11, and it probably did. It’s always 5:00 somewhere, right? [STAR TAGS: Kylie Ireland, Cate Harrington Exclusive Video, Cytherea Video,]

Kylie Ireland

If you lack familiarity with the comic strip “B.C.” you may not be aware of the concept of being Zotted, but should you find yourself curious, you may certainly email D.Minion and she will fill you in. She has spent the better part of this weekend staying “far away” from all the irreverence on display today, and yet we feel confident she will in fact pay close attention to Justine Joli, Sarah Blake, Alexandra Silk, T.J. Hart, Summer Storm and Kate Frost once this risqué episode goes live on the web. Sometimes, as it turns out, people ignore all the really smart stuff we say and just pay attention to the beautiful, sexual, women. It boggles the mind, you know, unless the mind has already had its attention diverted. [STAR TAGS: Chasey Lain, Justine Joli, Sarah Blake, Alexandra Silk Video, TJ Hart Video, Kate Frost Video, Summer Storm Video]

Chasey Lain

Somehow it became December, and nobody told us. When you live without real seasons, dates can kind of sneak up on you, so people in California can be a little out of touch even without the whole lost in the porn business thing going on. Rest assured, however, that we have wonderful, amazing — stupendous, even — news on the horizon that will make all of our distractions seem understandable. The fact that this news has become a Christmas present rather than the originally intended Halloween present, well, we try not to think about that. Fortunately Victoria and Linn help us accomplish that mental feat. [STAR TAGS: Victoria Zdrok Video, Linn Thomas Video, Natalia Forrest Exclusive Video,, Michael Ninn]

Natalia Forrest